Thursday, June 9, 2016

the big one

this is the big monkey on my back right now
it is the front of the reunion quilt
just a small lap quilt that will go to the oldest

on the back it will say "what reunion" as a play on 
being old

I need one more N and one R
and I think I found a suitable background fabric
to place them in
it is a gray fabric and I think it will make the
letters pop
in the corner I will try and put a label
with Whitmore reunion 2016
and the location

I was pulling things to border the letters
but I will wait on that
maybe I can use up more UFO blocks as a border
will wait till I get the letters all in a row and then decide

and am finding zippers to go with these to make bags

once I get all the "ingredients" together I can whip out
a few more of these too!
getting down to the wire!


Charlene S said...

Sometimes finding all the parts first saves time later. Most times doing the finding sends me off on another tangent.

barbara woods said...

How much longer?

Julierose said...

Boy you are really getting it all done=--lovely works hugs, Julierose said...

So many pretty fabrics going into your What Reunion quilt and your little zipper pouches.