Thursday, June 23, 2016

the tower

this is the front garden
the iris have stopped blooming
the stella doro lily is starting to show color
and the tower of impatiens is filling in nicely

lets take a closer look
see? so so purty
I tried to make the colors all different
but the way they planted the pots I got
you couldnt tell the colors

stella........looking good as usual

love the bright red one
so so pretty

and this groundcover I love too.
I snagged a bit for the other side of the garden to see if it'll take
would love it to be on both sides filling in 

3 comments: said...

I will admit I was skeptical of the impatiens tower, but love how it turned out. I wonder if you put some sweet potato vine alternate with impatiens or even petunias. I have daylilies that we have allowed to grow in our ditch. :D

barbara woods said...

every thing is looking good

Julierose said...

Your gardens are looking lovely...hugs, Julierose