Monday, June 27, 2016

thinking about Christmas already

I really need to make more of these dishcloths
I love them and want to make some for the nieces 
and not to mention my canning is WAY behind
I need some strawberry rhubarb jam in the cupboard
and some blueberry and other flavors too

can someone please give me a few more hours in the day?

am thinking of making a bunch of bags too
everyone can use them for grocery

and I already have a small stash of baby hats
I take old tees that still have good parts
and I cut them out and stitch them up
wear it out, use it up etc

these were done with tees on sale for .69
yep you got that right
.69 on clearance
they were 3x size so lots came out of them
will take them and donate
to a local hospital for little ones to receive

gotta make more of these too
love how they come out
and are literally FREE

this needs to be cut in half and made into two Christmas table runners
that will be two recipients I can think of........

better get started..........


Julierose said...

Good for you--getting ahead of the game earlybirds get things done! hugs, julierose said...

Just cause you are so close to the finish line for the reunion does not mean you can head toward Christmas! :D

barbara woods said...

you have got me wanting to make a Christmas quilt