Tuesday, June 7, 2016

this weekend I tried to neaten up the garden in front

this is what I did
my friend gave me these brick borders
and I put them in front to contain
the garden
I love it
of course I still need to weed more but it is a work in progress
my tower of impatiens is filling in and looking good
the iris have stopped blooming
next will be the stella d'oro lily
geesh I can see the trees need to be trimmed too
a womans work is never done is it LOL

I need to buy about 20 feet more of the brick to finish the side
 and other garden too but for now this looks better
the lawn seed didnt take
so guess I need to redo that as well

these guys I can grow LOL  it is almost
a foot taller than when I bought it

and fingers crossed so far I like this hose
and the hose bowl to keep it neat
you can see the white hose on the left too.
that one leaks 
second leaky one. grrrrrrrrr


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Looking great. Love the brick scallopy border.

barbara woods said...

i need to get me some of those to keep the weed eater out