Thursday, June 30, 2016

tumbling fast

Babs, here are my tumblers. I had started to cut them out
a while ago when I had pieces of fabric
and made a little pile
at first I thought I wanted all greens and blues
but then as I had pieces that fit the template I cut them
I stashed them in my drawer of the sewing machine cabinet
and every time I go in there to rip out a seam
or get a new needle they were staring at me
calling to me LOL
(I could hear them! Dawnieq......Dawnieq........haha)

I only have a few cut and I sewed them up
just because I can
(I needed them to be quiet and leave me be)
my hand is in the second pic to show you the size-
they are different from the little ones I am also doing

I have a vision of the center part of the quilt in these large
tumblers and a border of the tiny ones.
I will see if I can make it work out mathematically
if not, I will just add more tumblers or
a plain border
but that is quilt 8,098,986,855,654,432 waiting to be worked on! LOL
only kidding. but I bet I have enough fabric to make that many hee hee

so now lets keep it real
this is what I HAVE to get done
I ended up handquilting it
every 3rd row and now want to add the
binding so I can sit at night and stitch it down
it will go fast once it is attached
then I will see if I want to just straight stitch a line down the borders or not
I will hopefully get to wash and dry it and show it better than this
3am picture in my sewing room on the ironing board

and reunion preparations are still taking place
this popcorn was 2 dollars for a large bag
and this will be for a game
you take a plastic cup and make a tiny hole with a pen or something in the bottom
then you take an elastic and a paperclip and put the elastic 
on the paperclip
push the paperclip thru the hole and attach it inside the cup sideways so the
elastic when tugged doesnt come out of the cup
the kids will put their shoe thru the elastic so that the cup
sits on the top of their foot
then at go they will run to a spot with a box full of popcorn,
have to with just their feet fill the cups with popcorn
then run back to the beginning
without spilling the popcorn.
first one back with popcorn dumped into their box wins.
Luckily our family doesnt take much to be entertained
we have simple things made into games for fun
I just hope with all my delays and lack of sleep
I can have fun and have everything finished too.
what are you up to ?
anyone else have any fun plans for the 4th?
I am hoping to SLEEP on the 4th after this party on the 3rd 
for those who asked - hubs is doing ok.
he is in so much pain that they keep dismissing as
neuropothy with nothing they can do
I think his disc is acting up so we are trying to 
get the dr to do an MRI and get the problem solved
he cant live in pain 24/7 with the heavy pain meds 
he is on
it is crazy! but sometimes doctors dont listen
so I brought him into ER and had them do testing
they did catscan and said he may have a pinched nerve
you think?
we will get that resolved soon too. of course yesterday 
was his regular doctors day off so hoping they call him today
and get things rolling
whatever happened to doctors who didnt care about the money
but cared about the patient? I miss those days............


Julierose said...

You said it! Sometimes you get to feeling like you are just another "number"--yesterday we had to wait for an hour past our appointment time...a cheer went up from all the others backed up and waiting when thom finally got called your idea for big and little tumblers....hope the next couple of days are quieter for you and hubby...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

so true , money is all to most people but us , Right?
My tumblers are 6 inches so they go fast! praying for hubs some relief.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love your tumblers! I've almost started a tumbler quilt but stopped myself. Too much going on! I've worked in hospitals since the 70's. Health care is big business. All they care about is profit. It's awful. Wish I could retire but it's too early! So glad my kids didn't go into medical field.