Monday, June 27, 2016

yahoo I finished it!

I FINALLY found something in the stash 
for the binding on this
so this morning 
after I rubbed my eyes open
and fed the cats
I cut the binding and sewed it on
then sat on the couch and 
handsewed the back
done, done, done.

see how purty?  and to think
this was a block I messed up
and was tempted to throw out
I was trying to make a wreath
out of a dresdan
and in the wee hours of the morning
didnt realize I had pulled
a BLUE check instead of a green one
but I took it and sewed it to a background
made a little tumbler border of greens
found a cute sunflower batik for a border
and backed it in green and quilted it
and there she sat
waiting for just binding

this one is not perfect 
but it matched well enough
and I love it

I really wanted to use something yellow and not green
so I am a happy gal that this one is done and
in the reunion box!

onto the next one
hee hee
this block I LOVE
I bordered it in another pretty blue fabric
I am thinking this fabric will be good enough
for the back
and then hopefully I can bind before Sat

and this one is waiting for binding too
guess I better set the alarm clock ahead a little huh?

what are YOU making this week?

liking up with Beth of lovelaughquilt
and cooking up quilts   here


Julierose said...

What a super save...very nice finish....hugs, Julierose

Rebecca Grace said...

What a sweet little Dresden plate! Sometimes our "mistakes" come out looking so good, we can pass them off as a stroke of genius! :-) said...

Woohoo what a great finish!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

Yay for your finish! I think the binding looks great, it looks good on your piece. Dresden plates are one of my favorite designs although I rarely make them. Yours is especially pretty - that blue check gives it character! :) Thanks for sharing this on MCM!

barbara woods said...

beautiful finish