Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday in the Park.......

yesterday was such a fun day. It started out with me getting ready to sew in the screen room.
lug down sewing machine, project, thread, scissors etc.
now mind you the heat here has been horrendous so even though the screen room is nice we needed to circulate the air. well with the ac we normally don't have any fans around and hubs needed the one we have in the house so off to the store to hope they have a fan left.
picked up a standing oscillating one and came home to put it together, gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr
you know how THAT goes right?  well we got most of it together (in 2 hrs) and were missing a part.

I KID YOU NOT, does someone out there have a voodoo doll that looks like me? so off to Jackies house to get a fan and come back to sew. we sewed on our turkey project and I got the feet and body of mine sewn down. Just have to finish up the other body and then find beak fabric. I thought I had them all cut out but they were in pieces in the sewing room so I am sure they got thrown away as bits.

you remember the turkey right?

I have TWO of them to do. but if I get one done that is progress.,
the two turkeys are now attached to the background squares and I have added the feet and body. just have to now do the detailing on him. I don't think I will be as cute as others and dress him up.
I think he will just be a turkey on ench end.
I want him for my table this year

what are YOU sewing?

Anywho, Jackie and I had a laugh (putting together a fan) and got a little more accomplished
on our project
it is funny how you use Fall fabrics for this guy and he looks so so different. my second one has
less browns and more oranges and looks brighter
I love them BOTH!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I am starting to think I have a black cloud over me

I got a call at work from the neighbor. come home quick because we cant get your husband and the air conditioner is going to have an electrical issue. we don't want your house to burn down.
ok now a little background........the air conditioning unit is TWO YEARS OLD!!!
so I rush home and just as I get there the thing goes BOOM and a cloud of smoke comes out the top., I run into the house to shut it off and the thing is still running. it wont shut off!
So I call the company that put it in and a guy came out and shut it down manually so my house wouldn't burn up. they have to come back out today and figure it out.

ok so now we have..........
lights that hubs tried to take down and paint and now need electrician to fix
all computers in house except slow laptop died
4 new tires to the tune of 1000 to be put on the car
medical bills up the ying yang from hubs many trips into hospital
ac unit on the fritz in the midst of the HUMID crap

lucky I don't have money to get a gun and shoot myself!  geesh Louise
when does it end?????????

ok now off my rant
if one of my sewing machines goes on the fritz I tell you I will lose it
it is my only sanity these days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
hopefully sewing with my friend today in the screen room.
PLEASE don't take THAT away from me..........

Friday, July 29, 2016

got a little more done

Hi  got a little more done. made one batch of strawberry rhubarb jam for the winter. I am also finding projects and their fabrics and making "kits" so that it is easier to finish them up.
turkey lurkey is ready to be worked on Saturday. that is the game plan'

I have to get new tires on my vehicle so the computer will wait for a bit. I will use this old laptop but I have no way of putting pics on the blog. I apologize for that. who wants to not see the quilts for inspiration.

hopefully I am up and running soon.

last night I took a picture of the turkeys at the bird feeder. remember the one I had last year? well, this year Mama brought with her a friend AND 8 baby turkeys still with downy feathers
Can  you say CUTE???   I didn't dare get too close but the little ones were so funny and cute., they scrambled and ran when mama called them to go back into the woods.
Hubs spoiled them by putting out the tops of the strawberries when I made jam. they must have thought they were YUM 

this is a test. it did let me put some pictures that were already on the blog. they are saved
in the cloud somewhere LOL

some of these one block wonders need to have fabrics pulled
to coordinate and make them into bags or something fun

I think I will pull them and kit the fabric with it and then decide
as I go along

I have one green one of these and one green one on the needles
so I will work on that here and there as well.
I need some new ones and have about 4-5 balls of the yarn I think
Wanda of exuberant color even takes the small leftovers and
makes patchwork ones using up all the yarn
what a great idea
who cares about them  they are for washing dishes
no dishwasher here except lil ole me!

and when I cleaned out a corner of my closet I found
more tees and knit type fabrics that I cut into
baby hats and smaller dolly hats
I will do a marathon sewing of them
and have a bunch of them to donate
to the local hospital
for those Mamas who may not have much for their
I could make matching sets with a bib and burp cloth but
we will see
maybe my niece will want to help with that project

started with the strawberry rhubarb jam
now gonna find some sugar free recipes for hubs
I have tons of blueberries in the freezer to use

and every time I get a free moment at the sewing machine
I am sewing tumblers two by two

I am not trying to make any particular pattern with it
just using up the tumblers.
I think my rows will be about 32 tumblers across
we will see as I go
I have a ton more cut up to use
I need to iron them and set them out to see how far it will go
these are the "8" strips that I will sew into 16
then into 32
I find they multiply faster that way and I can also spread out the colors
better if I sew them like that
two by two
four by four
8 by 8
16 by 16
32 by 32

it is therapeutic to be back in the sewing room
even if it is to organize and regroup

what are you sewing?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

still here without computer

I am still here. sorry for the inconvenience. computers can be great and also can be a great disappointment.
my computer is trash. it is less than 3 years old so I am NOT a happy camper. I am putting this on from an old slow laptop with no mouse so I am using the scroll and I HATE IT.
oh well, the only GOOD thing that came out of this is that I am in my sewing room more. LOL

I cant download pictures but I FOUND my turkey and we have a date with Jackie this Sat to FINISH I am hoping. we made plans to sew a couple hours in my screen room. now to find a sewing machine I can carry without hurting myself or others ha ha

Lets see........
this is what I have accomplished the past week with no computer........

1) hemmed TWO pr pants that I have been wanting to do all summer   now I can at least wear them in the correct season
2) sewed more on my little tumbler quilt
3) entertained more in my newly screened screen room    the grandkids loved being out there and playing that ladder game       new to us but already a favorite
4) made one cat mat
5) organize some fabric on a shelf
6)worked on catching up the circle quilt
7)cut more baby tumblers for the box
8) made a pillowcase from a kit I had and forgot about  
9) finished one green knit dishcloth and started another one
10)found Christmas panels and deer panels in my room    oh my......
11)FOUND A UFO FROM 2000  yeah I know
12)bought a kitty tower for the brats and they are afraid of it   ggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr
13)PREPPED MORE CIRCLES for the circle quilt and even fussy cut some for fun
14) gasp! cleaned my messy house   LOL 

I guess this was a lesson as to how much I waste time on the puter. I will still blog and such but will probably preblog a week at a time so that I can free up some time to enjoy the craft itself.
hopefully son will have an affordable solution soon. this year has been money everywhere going out. for the bedroom redo, for hubs hospital stay and ambulance, for screenroom and replacing bedroom closet doors, I need 4 new tires on the car, the shed is falling down, and now I need a new computer. TWO actually as hubs laptop is not that good either. can someone help me win the lottery?

anywho, I am here just not back and running. I appreciate you all checking on me to see if I am back and as soon as I am able I will post some quilty pics.

thanks for reading my blog and for being patient. I am afraid I have not been quite so patient with this ordeal. and we still don't know how it happened. gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

computer issues

have to wait for my son to help me with this

not fun.

hoping to be up and running soon.


365 circle quilt so far

Here is where I am with the circle quilt so far
on the left is Jan-Feb-Mar and on the right is April
and 2 rows of May
Dunkin seems to be dizzy LOL

Here  is a closer look at April and what
I have finished for May
I need to find more green background squares for
the next few rows

there, a better "catless" view LOL
I think so far it is coming along
Once I found out how LARGE this quilt
is going to turn out
I decided on the front being 6 months
and the back being 6 months
I am hoping I can keep with that idea
Julie- see the orange circle with the glasses?
that fabric was from you and so so adorable
when I put out the call for orange
and some of Collettes fabrics are in there too
How cool is that ? I see a lot of my friends in those fabrics
kinda like romper stomper bomper boo tell me tell me 
tell me do..... LOL  Did they ever call YOUR name?
NEVER called Dawn in that magic mirror! I used to get
sooooooooo disappointed as I was sitting RIGHT UP FRONT
to the TV. how could she NOT see me?????? LOL

any who now that I have shown my age ha ha
Here is another shot of what I have done so far
the challenge I think is to make sure the 52 weeks
comes out ok.
that would mean 26 per side of the quilt
or 13 rows down which I see I already have 14
so I will have to decide where the months have blanks
and where I have to merge one into the other

so many things to think about in this quilt
I do like making the circles
I machine applique them onto 5 inch charms
and am using  a lot of the charms up which is great!
I am learning a lot too
about planning..........
about colors playing with each other
and about random placement
its all good............
how are your projects coming along?

Monday, July 18, 2016

computer issues

I am having computer issues........
hoping too be back and running soon......

do you think Dunkin likes quilts?

why are quilts cat magnets?
every single time I put one down to take 
a picture
whether on the couch
or the floor..........

he gets up close and personal
and checks out every little detail

and then shows his approval in a BIG way!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

computer issues

I am having computer issues. the only blogging that will happen is auto posts that I have already set up
I need to wait to get this straightened out

I wont have a computer access for a bit. I am typing this on another computer to let you know not to worry

I can also visit your blogs but not comment    gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr em...................hate em

hope to be back soon.........I guess I will have more time to sew LOL

another set of UFOs

I am knitting up more dishcloths
have you ever had one of these?
My Aunt Jo who passed away had sent me one
as she was helping a friend to sell them
so I bought more from the friend
and man I LOVE THEM!
now I am hooked!
and I dont like the ones from the store

I knit them when I can
and everyone who gets one loves them too

I use mine for dishes
and they are of cotton yarn
my niece wants to learn how to crochet some
so I will teach her

how fun for us to crochet away 
some gifts while chit chatting

I love that girl!
she hunts, fishes, sews, does crafts
arm knits and now wants to learn how to crochet

these were for the reunion but I will work on a green
one that was started

I have to wait for hubs to get an MRI test
so this will be a good diversion as I wait

Saturday, July 16, 2016

if you see this guy today..........

if you see this guy today..........

wish him a happy birthday!

you see
he is now "officially" a senior

medicare card toting, aches and pains
everywhere senior discounts on certain days
senior citizen


reevaluating things

this guy was finished for the reunion
and never picked
so I gave it to my friend Jackie
as she is making a mini quilt banner for her
sewing room

this guy was never finished in time either
so I am thinking when I find it
he would make an adorable quilted bag
don't cha think?
how fun to make a bag and fill it with some neat little goodies?

and don't judge me
I NEED to find this and finish it up
my first problem was I wanted to make TWO
yeah, my eyes are bigger than my belly
well not really, I DO have a big belly
but you know what I mean
I need to STOP doing this to myself
and make ONE
I encouraged others like Babs and Collette to make one 
so (hanging head in shame)
I need to get busy.........
here turkey turkey.........

Friday, July 15, 2016

on my wish list

this is not my quilt
it is from the internet
and on my wish list

it is a Bonnie Hunter quilt
and with one constant in the blocks
it can be scrappy but planned scrappy

I love this one
and in Christmas fabrics would be awesome

or in my many blues

so many quilts............
not enough time

looking in my room for some lost projects

I need to look hard in this room and find the basket
of these
I KNOW I had about 20 of these all cut
and sewn waiting for linings and zippers
and some had all the parts and just need to be worked on
if I can get to these and sew them assembly line style
that will be a huge chunk of UFOs gone

and they are so so pretty and fun
and useful

this one has a fun lining..........

where oh where are you my pretties?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

round and round and round she goes where she stops nobody knows..........

been trying to work on some projects that have
been stalled for a bit
this 365 circle project has been on hold
while I got the reunion preparations done
well, reunion is done 
so now to get back to business.......
this is the month of April

uh hum.....thanks Dunks
we wanted to see the whole month!
April for so scrappy was orange
so the backgrounds are oranges

onward to May!
(then June and July? and by that time Aug too)

baby steps but I am getting things done around here
so it is all good..........

what have YOU been working on?

see Jackie? some progress LOL

See the trash Jackie?
I know but hey it IS progress right?
I AM throwing out some things
hey, baby steps you know

found a bunch of these "kites"
that were extras from past projects and decided
to stitch them into one topper
I know they dont "go" together well
but it will be another finish and once I put a lamp on top it
wont really matter much
as a matter of fact if I turn it
I can see a Fall one, winter one and Spting one
so this may work LOL
only the edges up front will show at a time
another one will "bite the dust"
worse case it will be practice for those points and

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

another top is together

this top was a challenge to my friend Jackie
we wanted to make a strip project
that was due in August

well, we both had life get in the way
but I decided to stitch together
what I have so far

I think Dunkin is liking the blue section a little better

As a matter of fact I think he is testing to see if it 
should be HIS new quilt.

after all, even Dunkin knows you cant have too many quilts

finding pieces

I found some thin batting pieces
and sewed them together

I see another cat mat in process
this one is a Christmassy one
hey they need a little Christmas too right?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I have enough for a lap quilt

while the man was here fixing the screen room
and putting in new closet doors
I went into my sewing room and cut out some more tumblers
the larger size that is

and then sewed two by two
four by four
and made strips of 10
I have quite a few so after he left I laid them out on the floor
of course my quilting inspector had to come over and check it out
he hates blue you know?
remember the last quilt? yeah, he took out the blue row

little buggar
anywho, this layout may not be too too bad
I dont see too many that I would move
and I think it would make a cute lap quilt
I only have to figure out the edges if I want each
row to begin the same tumbler down
or with one row down, one row up
if I do down and up I would need to add one tumbler to the left of half
of them and one to the right to the other half
we will see
it feels good just to sew...........
what are You making today?

linking up with Beth of lovelaughquilt

Monday, July 11, 2016

one UFO down

I cleaned up a little section of my room
yeah I know but it is a start right?
anywho, I found this little guy
not sure what I was going to make with it
but I decided it was "cat mat" size
and stitched er up

found a small scrap for the back
and voila~
one cat mat done for Christmas for the cats
they always get new mats and new bowls
so one project down and in the Christmas box
feels goooooooooood...........
what are YOU up to today?

and the winner is blue!

I have a TON of blue fabrics
some with plans...........
some just because I love it
purple is hefty too
I think I was gonna make my purple niece a purple quilt
well, she isnt purple but she loves the color

these are yardage all crammed into the section of the bookshelf
until I can find permanent storage

and this is my basket of 5 inch charms
like 5 million of them in here
and I have used a lot in my 365 circle quilt too!
I need to revisit that and see where I left off
I think it was April so I have a lot of catching up to do...

but Collette at whataboutrheema  was making these cute
little foxes in all colors
and making me want them
so I got the pattern
how cute would they be with the owls
bunny and hedgehog for my brothers
cabin in Maine? after all it is a hunting cabin
and the critters I think would look cute on the bed

I have the deer attic window to finish up too.
gotta get organized and prioritize my projects

this one is pretty too and on the list of to do

as is this one from Missouri Star. 
I LOVE dresdans and this one was so neat
with the center star

My Mom's name was Irene
so I am leaning towards this one
for my 16 patches

and just because Julie of julierosequilts
is making a pretty quilt
I wanted one of those too so I pulled a pink
and purple charm
and some 2 1/2 inch strips
and played 
I only have these two
but I am thinking they could become a nice
girly quilt too!

and here are some of the tumblers I am playing with........
gotta cut more so I have some variety in there

what are YOU up to?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

do I need more blue?

I am trying to figure out what fabrics
to pull and cut up
do you think I need more blue?

I am thinking this will make a nice lap quilt

for the winter you know
you cant have too many quilts in the cold winter weather
I have dots and stripes and florals
and batiks and everything in this one
and I think they are all playing nice
I am thinking of grabbing my 5 inch squares and cutting up a bunch more
that way I can sit and sew and sew

I have a lot of one blue floral as it was about half yard so
will include a little of it in each row of this one
it is on the ends of the picture at the top with Dunks

I also have a lot of that green with the pink teeny flowers too
some of the others are onesies cut from other projects

I will rearrange my fabric shelf and see where it will lead........

Saturday, July 9, 2016

a little progress in many ways

I cut and sewed some large tumblers this morning
and of course when I laid them out to look 
at them Dunkin had to "inspect" my choices of colors
I am thinking of making this one in blues, greens and browns
seems like I have a lot of those colors in my stash
these are strips of 10 and I have 3 and a partial strip
done so far

I know you didnt have a "before" but this is a HUGE
improvement to the screen porch
If I can spruce it up with a little paint I think it will 
look wonderful
he still has to put up the shades for me
and then he will be working inside
on the closet doors and kilz on the ceiling mess from 
the winter before last

these were funky footprints in the garden
not sure who made them
but all the pansies have been munched on-
I DID see a woodchuck the other day as I was doing the 
dishes so he may have had dinner at my house
just sayin.........

at least THESE are still pretty! 
they get fuller and fuller and I love them more and more
I am thinking of maybe getting a couple more of these
we will see............

see? I told ya I want to cry
you remember my gorgeous roses?
well THIS is how they look
not sure why
but I am not happy
I think I am going to cut them 
all back and hope for the best

but the side yellow one
that only had one flower before
is prolific in blooming
it needs to be staked to something
I think it is a climber as it has flimsy stems
that bend under the weight of the flowers
we will see how I can resolve that
some kind of trellis I think on this side

and these glads came up because I was lazy and didnt
take the bulbs out of the ground
hope they bloom. they were pretty last year
and the red things in front?
I never planted
look almost like poppies?
I think the birdies planted them for me  <3

my butterfly bush must have heard me crying
they are starting to spread some green

I love this bush and miss the pretty purple flowers

but my tomatoes look fab!
Jackies hubs came by the other day and I showed him
he swallowed hard and said in a low voice
"I think you won".
I said what? I didnt hear you.
so he repeated it louder. LOL
I am a brat that way!

YEAH.........I WON the tomato contest........
the Real test is when the first one is red
and in my tomato sandwich........
are YOU making any progress?