Saturday, July 9, 2016

a little progress in many ways

I cut and sewed some large tumblers this morning
and of course when I laid them out to look 
at them Dunkin had to "inspect" my choices of colors
I am thinking of making this one in blues, greens and browns
seems like I have a lot of those colors in my stash
these are strips of 10 and I have 3 and a partial strip
done so far

I know you didnt have a "before" but this is a HUGE
improvement to the screen porch
If I can spruce it up with a little paint I think it will 
look wonderful
he still has to put up the shades for me
and then he will be working inside
on the closet doors and kilz on the ceiling mess from 
the winter before last

these were funky footprints in the garden
not sure who made them
but all the pansies have been munched on-
I DID see a woodchuck the other day as I was doing the 
dishes so he may have had dinner at my house
just sayin.........

at least THESE are still pretty! 
they get fuller and fuller and I love them more and more
I am thinking of maybe getting a couple more of these
we will see............

see? I told ya I want to cry
you remember my gorgeous roses?
well THIS is how they look
not sure why
but I am not happy
I think I am going to cut them 
all back and hope for the best

but the side yellow one
that only had one flower before
is prolific in blooming
it needs to be staked to something
I think it is a climber as it has flimsy stems
that bend under the weight of the flowers
we will see how I can resolve that
some kind of trellis I think on this side

and these glads came up because I was lazy and didnt
take the bulbs out of the ground
hope they bloom. they were pretty last year
and the red things in front?
I never planted
look almost like poppies?
I think the birdies planted them for me  <3

my butterfly bush must have heard me crying
they are starting to spread some green

I love this bush and miss the pretty purple flowers

but my tomatoes look fab!
Jackies hubs came by the other day and I showed him
he swallowed hard and said in a low voice
"I think you won".
I said what? I didnt hear you.
so he repeated it louder. LOL
I am a brat that way!

YEAH.........I WON the tomato contest........
the Real test is when the first one is red
and in my tomato sandwich........
are YOU making any progress?

2 comments: said...

Oh you are making progress there. The porch looks fabulous, and the garden is coming along. Dang critters anyway. Always something.

barbara woods said...

i don't like Rabbits and deer any more . i think that rabbit had poison in it mouth because my rose bush is never going to recover! the one branch he couldn't get to is just sitting there.