Friday, July 8, 2016

and back to our regularly scheduled program

now that the reunion is over
maybe I can make some progress in the sewing room

of course, we are rescreening the porch
or paying someone I should say
so that we can enjoy that outdoor room more

and the ugly mirror closet doors will soon be history

we are getting white doors in there
so now will have to paint the inside where the dummy left the bare panelling
you know the contractor from hell

but I digress
lots going on here
as usual..................

but hoping to get back to sewing


Julierose said...

Looks like you'll be needing that screened in room for sure with this hot weather...hoping to get some of that predicted rain here--not even 1/8th of an inch here yesterday--so dry...enjoy your return to your projects.. hugs, Julierose said...

don't overdo and take some time for you to sew.

barbara woods said...

Have fun, glad you found some good to do chores