Sunday, July 17, 2016

another set of UFOs

I am knitting up more dishcloths
have you ever had one of these?
My Aunt Jo who passed away had sent me one
as she was helping a friend to sell them
so I bought more from the friend
and man I LOVE THEM!
now I am hooked!
and I dont like the ones from the store

I knit them when I can
and everyone who gets one loves them too

I use mine for dishes
and they are of cotton yarn
my niece wants to learn how to crochet some
so I will teach her

how fun for us to crochet away 
some gifts while chit chatting

I love that girl!
she hunts, fishes, sews, does crafts
arm knits and now wants to learn how to crochet

these were for the reunion but I will work on a green
one that was started

I have to wait for hubs to get an MRI test
so this will be a good diversion as I wait


Julierose said...

Oh a great take-along craft for waiting rooms...I usually bring my shawl in process with me...I want to begin making some of these for Christmas inspired me!! Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

i carry my kindle and read while waiting for Tommy