Friday, July 29, 2016

got a little more done

Hi  got a little more done. made one batch of strawberry rhubarb jam for the winter. I am also finding projects and their fabrics and making "kits" so that it is easier to finish them up.
turkey lurkey is ready to be worked on Saturday. that is the game plan'

I have to get new tires on my vehicle so the computer will wait for a bit. I will use this old laptop but I have no way of putting pics on the blog. I apologize for that. who wants to not see the quilts for inspiration.

hopefully I am up and running soon.

last night I took a picture of the turkeys at the bird feeder. remember the one I had last year? well, this year Mama brought with her a friend AND 8 baby turkeys still with downy feathers
Can  you say CUTE???   I didn't dare get too close but the little ones were so funny and cute., they scrambled and ran when mama called them to go back into the woods.
Hubs spoiled them by putting out the tops of the strawberries when I made jam. they must have thought they were YUM 

this is a test. it did let me put some pictures that were already on the blog. they are saved
in the cloud somewhere LOL

some of these one block wonders need to have fabrics pulled
to coordinate and make them into bags or something fun

I think I will pull them and kit the fabric with it and then decide
as I go along

I have one green one of these and one green one on the needles
so I will work on that here and there as well.
I need some new ones and have about 4-5 balls of the yarn I think
Wanda of exuberant color even takes the small leftovers and
makes patchwork ones using up all the yarn
what a great idea
who cares about them  they are for washing dishes
no dishwasher here except lil ole me!

and when I cleaned out a corner of my closet I found
more tees and knit type fabrics that I cut into
baby hats and smaller dolly hats
I will do a marathon sewing of them
and have a bunch of them to donate
to the local hospital
for those Mamas who may not have much for their
I could make matching sets with a bib and burp cloth but
we will see
maybe my niece will want to help with that project

started with the strawberry rhubarb jam
now gonna find some sugar free recipes for hubs
I have tons of blueberries in the freezer to use

and every time I get a free moment at the sewing machine
I am sewing tumblers two by two

I am not trying to make any particular pattern with it
just using up the tumblers.
I think my rows will be about 32 tumblers across
we will see as I go
I have a ton more cut up to use
I need to iron them and set them out to see how far it will go
these are the "8" strips that I will sew into 16
then into 32
I find they multiply faster that way and I can also spread out the colors
better if I sew them like that
two by two
four by four
8 by 8
16 by 16
32 by 32

it is therapeutic to be back in the sewing room
even if it is to organize and regroup

what are you sewing?

2 comments: said...

Awe when it rains it pours? You are getting a lot done. I am being a bum and binding. But I think I need to get to sewing today some more.

barbara woods said...

i need to start on sets of burp cloths and bibs because have two more grands that are pg don't know what they are having yet