Saturday, July 30, 2016

I am starting to think I have a black cloud over me

I got a call at work from the neighbor. come home quick because we cant get your husband and the air conditioner is going to have an electrical issue. we don't want your house to burn down.
ok now a little background........the air conditioning unit is TWO YEARS OLD!!!
so I rush home and just as I get there the thing goes BOOM and a cloud of smoke comes out the top., I run into the house to shut it off and the thing is still running. it wont shut off!
So I call the company that put it in and a guy came out and shut it down manually so my house wouldn't burn up. they have to come back out today and figure it out.

ok so now we have..........
lights that hubs tried to take down and paint and now need electrician to fix
all computers in house except slow laptop died
4 new tires to the tune of 1000 to be put on the car
medical bills up the ying yang from hubs many trips into hospital
ac unit on the fritz in the midst of the HUMID crap

lucky I don't have money to get a gun and shoot myself!  geesh Louise
when does it end?????????

ok now off my rant
if one of my sewing machines goes on the fritz I tell you I will lose it
it is my only sanity these days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
hopefully sewing with my friend today in the screen room.
PLEASE don't take THAT away from me..........


Julierose said...

Geeze Louise, dawn--what a nightmare!! Hope Hubs is ok...
Ho[e the electrician can get out there early--you need AC in this weather.
Hope you can get back to normal soon...hugs Julierose said...

Awe heck you need a run of good luck. Hugs and prayers.

barbara woods said...

prayers for you dear. hope things get better soon.