Wednesday, July 6, 2016

out of the mouths of babes

when I arrived EARLY on Sunday to finish setting up for the reunion 
my 5 year old great nephew was there helping
he is so so cute
love that kid
when I asked him and my niece to help set up the 'tattoo booth"
he was excited
as we cut apart all the tattoos he was secretly stashing some to the side
thinking I would not notice
I had over 400 of them so I was not worried

when we were done cutting and putting them in a basket
he says to me

Auntie Dawn
I really really REALLY think you need a
BIG peacock feather tattoo

I said I do?
he goes Yep REALLY

so he tattooed me!
isnt she purty? LOL

he got a snake on his neck
and something else on his arm

and then he was going around like he was a tough guy

we cracked up!
he had picked out his, mine and my nieces
and anyone else they talked into a tattoo

he gave "suggestions"
so darned cute!

he was SO excited that there was going to be a "party" with lots of kids
he is an only child so doesnt get playmates that often

he was in his glory!

2 comments: said...

LOL I think he chose a great tattoo for you

barbara woods said...

removeanble i hope