Saturday, July 2, 2016

reunion quilt photo shoot

this is the finished reunion quilt
it started out as a self imposed competition
to use up all the 2 1/2 inch squares I had been gifted
by Sharon of vroomansquilts

I sewed and sewed two by two, four by four etc
until I had this little lap quilt
then I bordered it with a fabric that had flaws
throughout the bolt so used the good parts
on the edges

then- we were planning a family reunion
and I decided that would make a great gift
for the "oldest attendee"
and saw letters at temeculaquiltco 

so of COURSE I had to try it
and thought of "what reunion"
kind of as a jab at being old and forgetful
(we are good at ribbing each other in our family)

I then added some pieces and partial pieced parts to 
make a backing
then quilted it big stitch style
and bound it for a small quilt
Dunkin seems to like it
hope the recipient does too!

this is a "reality shot" from another angle

while Dunkin was hard at work "modelling"
Miss Phoebe was snoozing away as if nothing
was going on
Isnt it funny how different their personalities are?

Here is a shot after the modelling session
Dunkin has to be "hugging" something
when he sleeps
it is so adorable
until it is my arm or leg LOL

and Pheebes turned but kept on sleeping

another day in the nutty house of sewyouquilt2!

meanwhile I am making pasta salad, packing the car, getting groceries for the weekend,
ironing what we will wear, remembering things and adding them to the "pack it " pile
and rehearsing my "welcome speech"

just found out our DJ wont be attending so that is a bummer
so many need a radio and speakers as plan B

hopefully I have some great pics of our fun to share
with you this coming week


cute idea if you will be getting together with loved ones
frosted sugar cookies frosted and then red white blue sprinkles
THEN take some poprocks candy, crush it up and
sprinkle a little on each cookie
makes the "fireworks"
as you bite

(you're welcome)
catch ya later!

4 comments: said...

Your quilt turned out fabulous. Enjoy and looking forward to the pictures. Happy 4th of July and reunion.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The quilt is just a wonderful gift for the eldest at your reunion. Don't think Dunkin is going to like parting with it.

barbara woods said...

great quilt, lots of mine lately have been lap sized.

Julierose said...

Love your :oldster" quilt--perfect....I wish you a wonderful reunion and happy 4th...we get to see our son's two tomorrow--today was a quiet deck day...DH got himslf a 4th of july present--a power washer--boys and their toys, right? Hugs x2 Julierose