Thursday, July 14, 2016

round and round and round she goes where she stops nobody knows..........

been trying to work on some projects that have
been stalled for a bit
this 365 circle project has been on hold
while I got the reunion preparations done
well, reunion is done 
so now to get back to business.......
this is the month of April

uh hum.....thanks Dunks
we wanted to see the whole month!
April for so scrappy was orange
so the backgrounds are oranges

onward to May!
(then June and July? and by that time Aug too)

baby steps but I am getting things done around here
so it is all good..........

what have YOU been working on?

2 comments: said...

Good job going back and working on stuff sometimes it is hard to pick it back up.

Julierose said...

I find it hard to pick up where I left off; I can never quite return to what i was thinking of doing. but, i guess, sometimes it turns out better....I like your orange circles a bright and cheering...
hugs, Julierose