Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday in the Park.......

yesterday was such a fun day. It started out with me getting ready to sew in the screen room.
lug down sewing machine, project, thread, scissors etc.
now mind you the heat here has been horrendous so even though the screen room is nice we needed to circulate the air. well with the ac we normally don't have any fans around and hubs needed the one we have in the house so off to the store to hope they have a fan left.
picked up a standing oscillating one and came home to put it together, gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr
you know how THAT goes right?  well we got most of it together (in 2 hrs) and were missing a part.

I KID YOU NOT, does someone out there have a voodoo doll that looks like me? so off to Jackies house to get a fan and come back to sew. we sewed on our turkey project and I got the feet and body of mine sewn down. Just have to finish up the other body and then find beak fabric. I thought I had them all cut out but they were in pieces in the sewing room so I am sure they got thrown away as bits.

you remember the turkey right?

I have TWO of them to do. but if I get one done that is progress.,
the two turkeys are now attached to the background squares and I have added the feet and body. just have to now do the detailing on him. I don't think I will be as cute as others and dress him up.
I think he will just be a turkey on ench end.
I want him for my table this year

what are YOU sewing?

Anywho, Jackie and I had a laugh (putting together a fan) and got a little more accomplished
on our project
it is funny how you use Fall fabrics for this guy and he looks so so different. my second one has
less browns and more oranges and looks brighter
I love them BOTH!

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Hope that black cloud goes away