Wednesday, August 31, 2016

things I need to do

this is in the shed
and needs to come out and into my room
it is a grace quilt frame
I hope after this time I can still put it together as it is 
in pieces to fit in there
then I will be able to quilt up some of those ufos this winter
that is the plan anyway

I love love this quilt block
I may have to do something like it
but I dont want to start anything new yet

got this up on the door
I centered it after the picture LOL
but sprucing it up for Fall
I know.......this year had flown
I also put up new curtains in the living room
and dining room
so now need shades done and that will be a
job done for a while
never a dull moment for us is there

this will be the next project I think we tackle
if we have a shed that is more useable
then we can store the things we need
and they will stay nice and not get wet and ruined

this needs to be finished
I  need to find some grassy type
pictures of the old fences at the beach with beach grass
and a path to the water
then I need to add the water 
I want to finish it and hang it up

the squirrels are throwing these off the shed roof
and they are bouncing all over the lawn
I will need to rake before I mow

and this poison ivy is determined to aggravate me
I am allergic
so will need to "suit up" and get it out of here
I heard that a bottle of hot water in a spray bottle
helps to kill the leaves
and then supposedly you can pull up the roots and kill
most of it without damage to surrounding good plants
we will see.......

this guy needs to be finished too
I think I will back with a fall colored fabric
instead of trying to find my muslin
it will be easier to get er done

and the polar sock pattern
for the fleece
makes a nice tuck in gift to keep
family and friends nice and toasty warm
especially since we are in for another cold cold winter this year
what are you doing to prepare for the winter months?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

making a list as I find things

as I am cleaning out the sewing room not much sewing has been going on
I need to get it organized before the winter
and get things in order
I am making a list of the things I need to do
and these are one of them
I make salt dough ornaments and bake them
in the microwave
then I paint with acrylic paint
let them dry
and then spray clear shellac over them
to protect them
they are great to do when the humidity goes down
and the kiddos love to help paint them
date them on the back and voila~  great gifts from the kiddos
to Aunts, grandparents and others
they could even help with rolling and cutting with cookie cutters if you wanted
I like to do mine from hand shapes but these were make with cutters

this is the hand shaped one I love to make
as you can see he is from 1988!  but need to make new
as he lost the end of his hat etc and is starting to show wear
but for a little salt and flour and water and paint
he was a good investment in time LOL
just store them wrapped in a waterproof container and 
they will last a long time
someone told me they dipped them in wax to be more permanent
any way the recipe is 
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup or so of water (I put a little at a time until I make a soft dough)
then roll out or shape
bake in oven (300 till they are hardened but not browned)
or in a microwave a little at a time till hard

these I love to make too
I roll paint inside them to marble
and then tip into an egg carton to drip and dry
these are pretty and easy for kiddos to make too

as I come across pieces of fleece I am getting my patterns for small hats
and socks ready
they make nice little tuck in warm gifts 

and this guy I need to keep busy and out of trouble 
so he has "homework" to do LOL

I gotta stay away from this

this one I made a few years back but it broke as the
kids loved playing with it
I need to make more
was thinking of making words like 
etc I think they would look nice on the tree

and just because I am fresh LOL

Dunkin I mean the "quilt inspector"
has visited to make sure my seams are nice and straight

as you can see he is very thorough
and takes his work seriously

yep ok I think I passed the test! 
have a great day
hope you are getting things done in your sewing room too

Monday, August 29, 2016

mine all mine

I brought home a box to put things in for an upcoming yardsale
I need to get rid of more stuff
guess who climbed in and claimed the box?

and guess who was a day late and a dollar short and 
not happy

so Pheebes decided to take a nap
I dont know how she can be comfortable in some 
of the positions she gets into

I guess she forgave him for claiming the box
as all was hugs and kisses

ok Pheebes  get a room already LOL

can you say fat dumb and happy???? ha ha
he is such a ham

then he finally settled down and relaxed too

just a day in the life at the sewyouquilt2 house

Sunday, August 28, 2016


one picture came thru
I guess a little at a time

I will see if I can get the whole picture in
wish me luck.........

tree for two and two for tree

when I came home Friday night I almost drove by my house
the front tree was down.........
and the rhododendrun was down too
just a stump like this left in the front garden
(this pic is of tree in back) yeah camera trouble again

Dunkin was wondering what on Earth the noise was from
then he retreated to the back of the couch where he feels safe
poor baby

anyway, this huge Japanese red maple in front
is the one that came down
It was a beautiful tree but
the roots were starting to life the concrete pad and the driveway
so it had to go
I am hoping that there will not be any stray branches sprouting
on the bottom next year

see the red maple in the center?  that was a baby off the
big tree and that one is getting big too
and the rhododendrum here was pretty and full
but the winter before last really did a number on it 
it was an old tree so it didnt recouperate

the wood got hauled off by the guy who cut it
he did such a great job hubs paid him and tipped him too

another view of the rhody that is no longer
it was shading most of the screen room

and this was the red maple in front
see those large branches?  they used to hit the house
during windy storms
and scare the beejeebers out of me

not a small tree by any means
but he made it seem like childs play
he got the top branches first
then cut them further down
hauled off the wood
and cleaned up the shavings
great job!

I am hoping this car can stay clean now
without bird poo on it all the time
and the gypsy moths will have to also find another home

looks funny in front and the impatiens are not liking the full sun
will have to see what I can do with that corner now
Ii spent the rest of Friday trimming the other bushes in front
to make it look neater
getting there..........

Saturday, August 27, 2016

talking turkey trash

well this week has been fun
supposed to have tree down Mon or Tues
hasnt shown up
had to go to eye dr emergency
my eye was swollen and blurry vision just for fun
she says it is a blocked oil gland
I never knew I had them in eyes
seems the eyelid where your lashes come out
can get blocked and inflamed
so I am on hot compresses 3-4 times a day
and see if it goes away
if not a surgeon appointment is scheduled
not looking forward to that if that is what
will need to be done
did I tell you I was a glutton for punishment?
seems so..............

the trash has been emptied a lot lately
after cutting and stitching
and choosing what I dont want anymore
and tossing before  I change my mind

this one I have found a border fabric for and the 
second one is coming along
I just need to sew up the second turkey for it and then

pick a border fabric and backing

then I will stitch in the ditch around the squares in the center
and I am thinking around the turkeys by hand to puff out the feathers
and belly

Friday, August 26, 2016

organizing and gathering

not a great picture but at least I can do the long process for now.
this is the leader and ender 9 patch I was telling you about
that has grown in between doing the turkeys and pillowcases
it started as the 9 patches
but the blocks are small made with 2.5 inch squares
so I grabbed some greens and more squares
and bordered them with sashing on 4 sides
then put them side by side to see what it looked like
I like it a lot
very old fashioned and scrappy and using up the squares
I am also using up scraps of greens
right now I have something like 6 squares across
and about 5 down so with a few more of these
I can see a decent size lap quilt

as I am going thru my room trying to finish off
some UFO projects I am finding strips
and jelly rolls
and charms
and 10 inch squares
all bought with something in mind
but no notation so I am gathering
them and if I know I am kitting them up with
directions for that time when I pull it to work on

these guys need to be sewn together
these are the large 5 inch tumblers
I had cut a bunch one day for fun
and played with sewing them in rows

they are mostly older fabrics of florals
and mostly in the low volume greenish color range

and Dunks approved
and helped arrange the colors

he still doesnt like the color blue
every time he eyeballs a blue patch and tries
to take it out
I think it will make a decent size lap quilt
so it may be on the agenda to sew together soon

maybe I can take a picture of my turkey runner soon

Thursday, August 25, 2016

strips and things

found tons of these started
some 5 inches wide
some smaller
some with only half inch strips
some 3 inches wide
I will try and gather them all up into one area
and try and make something fun with them

also found this again along with the gold and red fabrics that
I wanted to use with it
I wanted to make two Christmas runners
with a gold small border 
and a larger red border
I just need to split this in half down the center
and then decide on the size of the borders

this will also make a nice gift
I think I will just concentrate on putting them
into the Christmas box and then decide on who gets the gift

this was the idea that I liked
so I will see how it goes
after I get more of the pillowcases done

I sewed three more single ones and they
are cute
two have a bird print fabric
and one is more masculine with a brown
print paired with a blue print with deer etc.
they are looking great and clearing out a lot of stash that is no longer loved
worse case scenario I will donate them to the local
nursing home to cheer someone up as they lay in bed 

and I am still with some tomatoes. I won for sure.
Jackies hubby already took down his plants
he had black rot on the bottom of his
I think he waters too much and from the top

cant believe the kiddos will soon be in school.
that means leaving the house sooner to go to work
in case I am on a bus route. they stop
every so many feet and I will get to work late

today I go to eye dr. yeah eye swollen and red and tearing
I am just falling apart I guess.
hoping it is nothing serious
always something fun at this house for sure
sewed up 11 blocks of scrappy green 9 patches
I just want you to know I tried to put a picture onhere with my phone
and I cant so not sure what I am doing wrong
whats that saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks? LOL