Monday, August 8, 2016

anybody else tumbling out there

these guys seem to want my attention lately
and it is mindless sewing when I dont know
what I want to do
they add up quickly too

I like putting them out to see how they look every
once in a while
I am sewing with no real pattern to them
although here it looks like I was in a 
light/dark frame of mind
they are mostly sewn with whatever two I pick up
I like the old fashioned look
and I like the fact they are mindless to sew
and I like the fact that all kinds of scraps and memories are in there
I have scraps from all my friends like
Sharon of Vroomans
JulieRose of JulieRose quilts
Babs of wont to be quilter
Collette of what about Rheema
and my pal Jackie too
I also have scraps that were my moms in there
and some clothing that I selvaged
isnt that what a quilt is about?
comfort and memories?

is anyone else making a tumbler quilt?
I am wondering now if this light dark section is going to stick out
from the rest or if I can blend it in
we will see as I go
I went from cutting tumblers and filling a small container
to sewing strips of 16 and putting them into a tin
to strips of 32 in a larger tin overflowing
I guess I need to lay out a section and start joining them

Do all your rows start the same way with a tumbler upright?
or one up, one down etc.
that will matter as I think I have mostly all one way
but some the other
so will have to add a tumbler to each row I think


Jayne Honnold said...

Your mindless sewing is paying off with great results! Several years ago (maybe4) I bought a tumbler ruler and started 2 tumbler quilts. Neither are finished. I used scraps from my Kaffe Fassett tub. They are gonna look great and yes, I will someday finish them!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your tumblers look fabulous. No tumblers here, thinking of making a pie block quilt next. said...

I have oodles of tumblers and am still working on them. I try to do light dark, and when I finally make full rows I will try to make sure that they are light dark, but some of my lights may be more medium, as well as some of my darks may be more medium. :D

barbara woods said...

i have to start making my kids one for Christmas soon, Amy , dil, requested one after seeing the one i made for my aunt.