Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August already

This time of year is bittersweet for me. I lost my mom many years ago at the end of July and my Gram too. Then from Aug to Dec we have EVERYONES birthday in the family

Aug 12 was my Mom   brother and his daughter    so my brother and sewing partner celebrate together
Aug 22 is Jackys hubs
then Aug 24 is my daughter
Sept 16 is one brother and 21 is another niece
Oct 7 and 25  are two more nieces  and the 21st is grandson
Nov 1 another niece and Nov 28 grandson
Dec 7 is grandson  23 sister and a friend  26 granddaughter
in that mix throw in anniversaries and people at work and Thanksgiving and Christmas

Yeah not fun moneywise AT ALL...........
and with all the expenses we have had just now makes it worse.
gotta figure out this year what I am gonna do. I usually just get scratch tickets for brothers in a card. no biggee
the nieces are starting with their own apartments so I am trying to do something for that
the grandsons are hard as they have all kinds of expensive electronics that I cant afford the parts to

we will see how I go.
I was going to    t ry and help son with some back to school supplies but I don't see that happening now. gotta save every penny and build back up. literally.  got some .17 cent notebooks at WalMart and some pencils, crayons and rulers as a start. will give to him when he comes over.

I gotta find my Temecula letters pattern and start spelling out the grandsons names
for their quilts
they are into hockey and I am thinking of a box in the center with their name
then behind that a hockey stick and puck that comes down to make the center of the quilt
and bordered in black.

because hockey is black and white and little color I was thinking the names could
be colorful in the center
they have a bunk bed so have to figure out how to adjust the size a bit to fit right

there should be just a little to tuck I would think
Does anyone know what size fits a bunk bed good? 
those are on the "list" and I think once the lettering gets done they SHOULD work up quickly
at least that is what my little brain is telling me LOL


Julierose said...

Those hockey quilts sound just right. Let me know if you need some fabric? I am re-doing my stash and would love to de-stash some...hard time of year--all our birthdays, anniversaries, etc go from July-December, too...and Mom passed on June 5th just last year..so I hear ya...hang in--glad you have that AC going--hugs, Julierose

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Don't dwell on the upcoming stuff. Chunk it out, and count your blessings. I know it sounds tough, but otherwise you get caught and it seems like it never gets better.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You need to concentrate on you - family needs to sit back or help out. I did quilts for my grandsons' bunk bed and made them just mattress top size - no tucking (bunk beds are buggers to make)

barbara woods said...

i just make twin ones for those and they have never said they were to big or little. Glad you are cool again. Not the time of year to have that problem