Saturday, August 6, 2016

ever get baffled?

I have always been a crafty person. as a child of 
9 I learned to crochet and knit 
and in Jr high I learned to sew and quilt
I made my own clothes and loved it
this motorcycle diaper cake was a picture
I had on my computer
It was done about 6 years ago. I made one for
a gal at work and one for my niece who 
were both having babies around the same time
and both were boys
there are a ton of diapers in this thing
something like 7 receiving blankets
the bibs make the fenders
socks for the handle bar covers
those red "lights" in the front are
called "pee pee tee pees"
look them up I kid you not
it is for boys so you dont get sprayed when
changing their diapers LOL
there is plastic keys, two things of wipes
and a whole bunch of other stuff in there.
I saw one online and wanted one for my niece
so I winged it and the one for the gal at work
was a test
they both came out great
I made a leather jacket for the toy bears with 
the childs name on it

this quilt was one I loved in a magazine
but did I follow directions? nah
I didnt use all cotton fabrics
I figured if they could use moires and different 
fabs in a crazy quilt, why couldnt I in this one
well, turns out THEY new better than the youngun me did
so these blocks are a little lets say wonky
I LOVE the colors in it
and wanted to finish it up

I only have like 17 blocks or something crazy like that
with of course no more of that material
at all
it is heavier like upholstery or drapery fabric

and I loved playing with layouts to see what I could make
not sure though if these should be a quilt
or if they should be tossed
or if they should live a life as maybe a tote or something
they may have to stew a bit longer for me to decide
I am also afraid of washing for fear of that red running
what would you do?


Julierose said...

Oh they should be definitely a wallhanging quilt or lap quilt...I like them in the circle layout a could hand embroider them (in your spare time, of course lol).
Seriously don't throw them out--they are a Crazy quilt in the making...machine embroidery maybe?? Anyway, they deserve a finish...hugs, Julierose

Jayne Honnold said...

We do tend to "stew" about such things; I am certainly guilty of it. Just go for it. Then you can move on and stew about something else! said...

You could test it see if it ran. I agree with Jayne it is easy to overthink stuff. Sometimes you just have to say what the heck and go for it.

barbara woods said...

it's clean up ufo's time. I finished one of mine last month