Friday, August 19, 2016

gifts and nature

remember when I got this for me for a gift last Spring?
well it has provided many hours of entertainment

as I look out my kitchen window while doing dishes
this is what I see
the little red tree and the many birds and critters
that visit the feeder

the turkeys have been here with their babies so cute
the blackbirds

and even these cuties have all come to say Hi
and sat a while for a snack
you would think I lived in the middle of the 
but I live in the city which makes it so strange
but fun
even deer stop by once in a while
I have seen them while I was washing windows
and they look in like what is that woman doing???

Phoebe, wake up!
what is that black and white thing in the yard?
it does not look like a cat
or anything I have ever seen before.

just a skunk Dunk, just a skunk
dont move too fast or you will know for sure he was here...........

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barbara woods said...

hope you feel better fast!