Friday, August 19, 2016

I am crying uncle

not sure how much of a break I need but if I dont blog every day just know I will be back. I am in pain trying to pass a kidney stone.
yeah just for fun
I have drank so much water my kidneys should be swimming about now.

so off work 2 days   not pay

but this too shall pass...........

I will work on my turkeys as I can and hopefully will get computer issues fixed
and be back to my blogging self soon.

when I come back to bed this is what I see.
Pheebes in my spot

then when she is banned she tries to make me feel guilty
poor thing......banished out of the bed

I get up to watch tv and guess who is guarding the remotes
what the heck! LOL

then he fell asleep so I snuck the remote only to lose it to hubs
so I fell asleep in between water and bathroom

and wake up to this.
Mom you ok?   I love this little buggar
he would NOT leave my side
he knows something is wrong

when I shut the bedroom door this is what I see
Mom, you still OK? 

until he was distracted with some snacks
then I could sleep an hour or so until the next painful
push of the stone

gonna be a LOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGG weekend


barbara woods said...

prayers and hugs sweetie

Julierose said...

Sending my prayers along too...hope this too shall pass quickly..hang in there keep us posted hugs, Julierose

sunny said...

Oh no! I hope all is well soon. DH has had kidney stones, so I have an idea how painful they can be. Take what comfort you can from the kitties!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

My SIL is heading for surgery for K stones - hope you pass it soon. Healing prayers. said...

I spent the day in the ER with the Ancient aunt because I was worried that she had a kidney infection or UTI. said...

Oh and get to feeling better. Hugs and prayers sweetie.