Friday, August 5, 2016

its FINALLY FRIDAY yahoo........

well it is FINALLY FRIDAY. for those of us who work and quilt, that means hopefully the weekend holds more time to sew.

This week was not very progressive in the sewing department

Monday I had the tires put on the car   FOUR of them   OUCH!
Tuesday we had the air conditioner put in    
Wednesday we went back and forth looking online for replacement lights for bedroom- found some we liked but electrician never called back- was wacky Wed at local market so got a ton of chicken legs with thighs attached for .49 lb!  GO ME
Thursday caught up on laundry and ironing
 went to local Lowes and got two sconce lights for bedroom     also went to WalMart but they had none so what is a gal to do? I got ONE SKEIN of a new yarn called scrubby  have you seen it? OH MY  I think I will be knitting scrubby kitchen cloths in all colors to make some sets (what? I couldnt go into the store and get NOTHING right???? LOL)

Today is Friday and I will help my boss make a 40th anniversary basket. I told her 40th is RUBY so she should make a red basket. red licorice, red lantern, red bull, gift card to RUBY Tuesday   etc. She is bringing it in to work so I can see it and help her work on the bow for the top. I am good at bows and baskets like that. her sister is celebrating her 40th so I wrote a poem to put on it as well.

so there is my week. Did you see any sewing involved?  me either aside for sewing a couple baby hats and cutting out pillowcases I havent really touched fabric. (soon my pretties, soon)

and OH MY did Jenny send any of you her catalog? Yeah I was on the list (I should be with all the money I have spent with her LOL)  SHE IS A BAD WOMAN.............

so I am looking at Fall inspiration and trying to keep some kind of momentum going. of course the computer is not fixed which irritates me to no end. I cant add new pics which stinks. and this laptop is slower than molasses uphill in January.

Heres to hoping that I can sew this weekend a little and get my mojo on again. I am having withdrawals BIG TIME..............

the ac is working so Phoebe is sleeping with Dunkins quilt
hey a gal needs to put Dunkin in his place. he is 
always stealing everything of hers LOL

and these have been opened and mixed into the 5
inch charm basket so I can use them up

fabrics have been pulled for accent bands 
and cuffs of the pillowcases I have cut out
I made like kits and rolled them up
and put into plastic zip bags. that way the 
pieces dont get used somewhere else in a 
sewing frenzy

I cut out about 8 cases, some singles and some
a set of two
hoping my brothers like the camouflage 
fabric and the deer fabric and the wolf I picked
I wanted bears but NOT teddy bears LOL

I will make up at least 3 sets for their new hunting cabin in Maine
they have already put dibs on some strawberry rhubarb jam
so that is a good thing. 

gotta get going in that department as well.
a womans work is NEVER done right?
what have YOU been up to lately 

5 comments: said...

I hate weeks when I should be sewing and don't have a chance to. But you got a lot done. Even though it was non quilty. 49 cents a lb wow.

Julierose said...

I haven't found my Mojo yet--it is hiding somewhere around here. i sat down to try a bit this afternoon--but meh--nada, nil, nothing..just couldn't work upthe energy to do it...So, am reading, watching videos (sneaking a peek at MSQC's new catalogue--love that Oasis and a lot of the stuff in there--but NO, no and no)...hugs, for a happy weekend Julierose

barbara woods said...

Dawn does his computer have a slot for a camera card? i didn't know you could just use the card for a long time, saves on running down your batteries. It's just a inch or inch 1/2 slot

Rosemary Dickinson said...

What a busy week you had! I hope you find the time over the weekend to sew whatever you like! I'm working tomorrow so not much sewing for me!

Niamh Kelly said...

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