Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July came and went and I didnt get much done

July came and went very quickly. I feel I didn't get much done. I was so so tired from the reunion preps that I think I just crashed.

this is what I DID do........

sewed a little every day on my small tumblers

found circle quilt and finished up April
started on May

found more UFO projects and kitted them to finish

fought with cat to organize said projects
LOL  Dunkin  I love you to pieces you little brat

made one batch of strawberry rhubarb jam
(I know these are pineapple and blueberry but use your imagination folks. I
cant do pics yet except old ones that are on the blog LOL)

culled some tees and knit shirts out of my closet
and cut them into baby hats
also sewed up some dolly hats too for fun
the colors I have now are gray, light green, navy and red
again. use your imagination.

fought again with previously shown cat
YEAH he likes to "help" his Momma
but I wasn't falling for that trick

scrubbed and scrubbed till I was purple to get off
this tattoo
note to self glittery kid tattoos are not fun to take off!

celebrated a birthday with this grandson.
Hi Brody bear!

organized a little of the stash to see what I have
tried to do it by color

worked on progressing this project a little
to hopefully have it done in time for Thanksgiving

made a green one of these and have another green
one on the needles

see?  On the left is Jan-Feb-Mar
at the top right is April and the start of May
I really have to be careful now to make the row total
equal the rows on the left
so a little preplanning has to go in this section

I was going to do the whole year and put half year
on the back
not so sure I am still gonna do that
we will see how it goes
I have too many irons in the fire and this just may be
a half year quilt

OR a UFO I pick up again later as I am enjoying the process.
we will see

I guess I wasn't that much of a slacker huh?

what did YOU get done in July?


barbara woods said...

you got lots done!
I didn't work that much. said...

You got lots done. Especially with the reunion, and everything else.

Julierose said...

I think you achieved a whole lot--in addition to that reunion--I finished Cass' quilt--Done. That was it really and a bit of knitting--but then I am feeling my age and tired...hugs, Julierose