Monday, August 29, 2016

mine all mine

I brought home a box to put things in for an upcoming yardsale
I need to get rid of more stuff
guess who climbed in and claimed the box?

and guess who was a day late and a dollar short and 
not happy

so Pheebes decided to take a nap
I dont know how she can be comfortable in some 
of the positions she gets into

I guess she forgave him for claiming the box
as all was hugs and kisses

ok Pheebes  get a room already LOL

can you say fat dumb and happy???? ha ha
he is such a ham

then he finally settled down and relaxed too

just a day in the life at the sewyouquilt2 house

2 comments: said...

Oh no don't sell would have to probably pay them to take him. :D I need to find some boxes to pack things away in my house to get stuff moving.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Boxes are great cat traps. We have a town wide garage sale day coming up - and things are going!