Thursday, August 18, 2016

more plotting and planning

would love to find this pattern again
and make a nautical throw for the hubs

and find the kits I had done up for these
and finish them up for gifts

these guys may be in my future again.
I am planning some Christmas ideas
that I may not be able to show here
we will see..........

I always wanted to try and make some of these
how cute to fill with tea for a friend
can be a good 'feel better " gift
to a Happy birthday
to a Christnas gift
it doesnt look very hard to do so will see if
I can find the pattern or wing it

and these need to play soon
any ideas for doily projects?

and this is the drawn out idea for 
the bunk bed quilts
their name in temecula little letters
in brights in the center
then a hockey stick
and puck around that
and then a black or hockey fabric border
simple so I can finish quickly
that is the plan

now to see if I have it in me 
to make TWO

with all the ac issues and money leaks going on around here
I decided to just sew and let it be. dont worry about the stuff
I cant change and change the stuff I CAN

I found some more blocks made with 2.5 squares
this time they were 9 patches
when did I make them? not sure.
I think they were leader enders in between other projects
anywho, I found 12 blocks
they are small at 6.5 so I decided to make sashing
and cornerstones of 2.5 strips
so because my 2.5 squares container was empty except for 2 lonely little squares
I decided to find odd shaped pieces of fabric and get out the rotary cutter

I half filled the container (It is a small one that blueberries come in)
and then of the strips I had in greens I cut the sashing
I am thinking the quilt will be really scrappy 
with multiple green sashings
and multiple colored cornerstones
as well as the scrappy 9 patches
we will see how it goes

and just because I had a little time today before work
I sewed the sashings to 2 blocks
I think I like it!
need to get more 2.5 squares done and sewn into 9 patches
before I can have another marathon sewing session LOL
I wish I had a camera that I could upload the pics so you could see
you will just have to imagine or better yet
try one block yourself 
(sneaky arent I?)
next up may be JulieRoses idea of strips of squares
we will see where this play takes me 
in between turkeying

3 comments: said...

Good attitude.

Julierose said...

Good for you--just get on with what you can do; i have decided to try to lose slowly and do "little" things as Colleen suggested in her comment--I have a stack of sqs and strips awaiting Helga's ministrations today. Tomorrow they are working on our water lines here- so no water from 9 - 4!! Yikes--hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

i love that bag but though the handle looked like a coffee cup at first. Maybe you will get lots of sewing done to post when you get your computer fixed