Friday, August 26, 2016

organizing and gathering

not a great picture but at least I can do the long process for now.
this is the leader and ender 9 patch I was telling you about
that has grown in between doing the turkeys and pillowcases
it started as the 9 patches
but the blocks are small made with 2.5 inch squares
so I grabbed some greens and more squares
and bordered them with sashing on 4 sides
then put them side by side to see what it looked like
I like it a lot
very old fashioned and scrappy and using up the squares
I am also using up scraps of greens
right now I have something like 6 squares across
and about 5 down so with a few more of these
I can see a decent size lap quilt

as I am going thru my room trying to finish off
some UFO projects I am finding strips
and jelly rolls
and charms
and 10 inch squares
all bought with something in mind
but no notation so I am gathering
them and if I know I am kitting them up with
directions for that time when I pull it to work on

these guys need to be sewn together
these are the large 5 inch tumblers
I had cut a bunch one day for fun
and played with sewing them in rows

they are mostly older fabrics of florals
and mostly in the low volume greenish color range

and Dunks approved
and helped arrange the colors

he still doesnt like the color blue
every time he eyeballs a blue patch and tries
to take it out
I think it will make a decent size lap quilt
so it may be on the agenda to sew together soon

maybe I can take a picture of my turkey runner soon

3 comments: said...

Oh I like your green quilt with the 9 patches.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the 9-patch - great scrap eater and looks so great!

Julierose said...

that nine-patch quilt is really lovely--great colors...nice and warm looking...hugs, Julierose