Wednesday, August 10, 2016

quit lookin at me

these guys keep peeking out at me
calling to me
I know guys I will be with you soon
right now I am in pillowcase mode
to get a ton of the yardage off the shelf
and into something useful

we have birthdays f rom Aug to Dec
that put a little strain on the budget
so I will be making pillowcases for most
of the adults and just getting a little toy
or something for the younger ones

that will help me a bit until Christmas I hope

one pair of woodsy printed pillowcases done
next up some pinecone ones
and some deer ones
and some wolf ones
then onto the girly purple and blue ones

hoping I can get this computer thing done 
soon so I can blog with pictures
I am using older pics that I can download on here
there is no simcard in this thing to attach
my camera card so I am bumming

but be assured I am trying to get loads of things on the camera 
so that when I do have a card I can show what I have done
that is the plan anyway

so   doe a deer.... a female deer
(sing it with me folks) LOL


barbara woods said...

maybe soon but you are getting more done said...

Glad you are getting your sewing tasks done. It is amazing what you get accomplished when there aren't distractions.