Sunday, August 14, 2016

some finishes for August

I finished up my scrubby cloth. now I just need to weave in the ends
so that makes one for Jackie and one for me!
now onto a yellow dishcloth for moi~
I love these little buggars and always end up giving them away.
so I found a ball of yellow cotton yarn and will make one for me
then with the leftover blue and pink and yellow will piece
together another one
 Hey, my dishes are not gonna care that the colors are pieced
and it is scrappy and makes my heart happy
so I am good with that.......

have also been picking a tomato or two every
few days
not bad for just two plants in containers
Maybe next year  I will plant more to get a bigger crop
we will see

with this humidity the kiddos are laying low 
and resting
we have ac but you can still feel the stifling 
humidity in the air

don't cha just want to kiss and hug em?  
my little brats!

So far for August I guess I have been productive

I have FINISHED TWO scrubby cloths
FINISHED one blue dishcloth
started a yellow dishcloth
sewed my turkey ends together
and even gave them a pilgrim hat
(Thanks Collette of what about rheema for the inspiration)

I am only a year behind ya! LOL

I will show you mine once I get this computer thing worked out
right now it is an expense I can not justify
so I am stuck for a bit

but be assured I have some awesome projects that I am 
plugging away at

ok, on to turkey number TWO!
what are YOU working on?

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barbara woods said...

got to get on my second turkey to