Thursday, August 25, 2016

strips and things

found tons of these started
some 5 inches wide
some smaller
some with only half inch strips
some 3 inches wide
I will try and gather them all up into one area
and try and make something fun with them

also found this again along with the gold and red fabrics that
I wanted to use with it
I wanted to make two Christmas runners
with a gold small border 
and a larger red border
I just need to split this in half down the center
and then decide on the size of the borders

this will also make a nice gift
I think I will just concentrate on putting them
into the Christmas box and then decide on who gets the gift

this was the idea that I liked
so I will see how it goes
after I get more of the pillowcases done

I sewed three more single ones and they
are cute
two have a bird print fabric
and one is more masculine with a brown
print paired with a blue print with deer etc.
they are looking great and clearing out a lot of stash that is no longer loved
worse case scenario I will donate them to the local
nursing home to cheer someone up as they lay in bed 

and I am still with some tomatoes. I won for sure.
Jackies hubby already took down his plants
he had black rot on the bottom of his
I think he waters too much and from the top

cant believe the kiddos will soon be in school.
that means leaving the house sooner to go to work
in case I am on a bus route. they stop
every so many feet and I will get to work late

today I go to eye dr. yeah eye swollen and red and tearing
I am just falling apart I guess.
hoping it is nothing serious
always something fun at this house for sure
sewed up 11 blocks of scrappy green 9 patches
I just want you to know I tried to put a picture onhere with my phone
and I cant so not sure what I am doing wrong
whats that saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks? LOL


Julierose said...

Like those Christmassy strips...hang in there, kiddo...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

just keep trying or google it. That's what i do when i don't know how to do something said...

The black rot on the bottom of the tomatoes is called blossom end rot and is due to a lack of calcium and minerals in the soil. I had that problem at one end of my garden.