Saturday, August 27, 2016

talking turkey trash

well this week has been fun
supposed to have tree down Mon or Tues
hasnt shown up
had to go to eye dr emergency
my eye was swollen and blurry vision just for fun
she says it is a blocked oil gland
I never knew I had them in eyes
seems the eyelid where your lashes come out
can get blocked and inflamed
so I am on hot compresses 3-4 times a day
and see if it goes away
if not a surgeon appointment is scheduled
not looking forward to that if that is what
will need to be done
did I tell you I was a glutton for punishment?
seems so..............

the trash has been emptied a lot lately
after cutting and stitching
and choosing what I dont want anymore
and tossing before  I change my mind

this one I have found a border fabric for and the 
second one is coming along
I just need to sew up the second turkey for it and then

pick a border fabric and backing

then I will stitch in the ditch around the squares in the center
and I am thinking around the turkeys by hand to puff out the feathers
and belly


Julierose said...

Oh not fair--you don't need anything else!! I hope your eye clears up for you soon...loving your Turkey--hope you'll be able to "Trot" (ahaha) on over and finish up his dance...hugs feel better Julierose said...

Really an eye problem now? You have officially hit your limit on bad luck for at least the next quarter century.