Thursday, August 4, 2016

the garden

This part of the garden is looking good
the lillies are in bloom as are the clematis in purple

the herbs did fabulously in my tower this year
oregano makes the yard smell like it is Italian
night for dinner
love it!

my front impatiens tower looks fab and people stop to stare
and comment
makes my heart pitter patter

mosquito plants are HUGE 
this pic was when I got them
they are up to the top of the railing now
and I had to push the container back a little
so we could walk

this guy is mad at me...........
I miss them
and so do the butterflies and birds

this is what it looks like
I kid you not
I am wondering if it is an old old plant
and that is the problem
it was always so so gorgeous and I am sad
as I loved this little spot of color in this area

but my "mators" are producing and making me happy
I only have two containers full and next year will
maybe have more
we will see
would love to have enough to can but that wont happen here
I DO have enough to make a tomato sandwich every
once in a while and that makes me happy too!


Julierose said...

Yum tomato sandwiches! Maybe you could feed that Butterfly bush with the Miracle Grow and it would set bud? I use that for just about Glads finally bloomed they are falling over--kinda like me--hahaha
hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love tomato sandwich's. you you back on line yet? said...

I actually got a couple of large tomatoes off my vines. Finally