Wednesday, August 31, 2016

things I need to do

this is in the shed
and needs to come out and into my room
it is a grace quilt frame
I hope after this time I can still put it together as it is 
in pieces to fit in there
then I will be able to quilt up some of those ufos this winter
that is the plan anyway

I love love this quilt block
I may have to do something like it
but I dont want to start anything new yet

got this up on the door
I centered it after the picture LOL
but sprucing it up for Fall
I know.......this year had flown
I also put up new curtains in the living room
and dining room
so now need shades done and that will be a
job done for a while
never a dull moment for us is there

this will be the next project I think we tackle
if we have a shed that is more useable
then we can store the things we need
and they will stay nice and not get wet and ruined

this needs to be finished
I  need to find some grassy type
pictures of the old fences at the beach with beach grass
and a path to the water
then I need to add the water 
I want to finish it and hang it up

the squirrels are throwing these off the shed roof
and they are bouncing all over the lawn
I will need to rake before I mow

and this poison ivy is determined to aggravate me
I am allergic
so will need to "suit up" and get it out of here
I heard that a bottle of hot water in a spray bottle
helps to kill the leaves
and then supposedly you can pull up the roots and kill
most of it without damage to surrounding good plants
we will see.......

this guy needs to be finished too
I think I will back with a fall colored fabric
instead of trying to find my muslin
it will be easier to get er done

and the polar sock pattern
for the fleece
makes a nice tuck in gift to keep
family and friends nice and toasty warm
especially since we are in for another cold cold winter this year
what are you doing to prepare for the winter months?

4 comments: said...

You are going to be able to get a lot accomplished. I need to start making a list, maybe then I won't have the anxiety attacks.

Julierose said...

That is a really nice list--everything is lovely on it. I really like that Lighthouse--you could add lots of embroidery or buttons or even some broderie perse pieces of sea flowers...panels are such fun to use...
I am literally getting "into"my stash closet today to de-stash...let me know gals if anyone would like landscape pieces--I have a whole lot of them..anyhoo--hope Mr. Poison Ivy goes away for you--we use a good spray (Ortho) to get rid of poison ivy...I say we--actually Thommy does it as i am SO allergic too. It comes in a big sprayer from Home Depot. hugs, Julierose

Julierose said...

Oh and I forgot--you HAVE a quilting frame__oh i am envious--I have never gotten one and my Grand-mere's was sold when she moved to her daughter's house in California years ago...
Use it for sure....Julierose

barbara woods said...

Stay away from poison ivy, it will make you sick, been there!