Friday, August 5, 2016

this should be a quick finish

this is a little baby quilt that I need to find again
in the sewing room
if I can find it and pull some blue for the back
then  I can make short work of quilting it up
and having a boy baby quilt ready for gifting
I can add in some bibs and burpcloths and maybe even

a hat or two

we will see if it will come out and play soon,.........

3 comments: said...

Cute baby quilt and so simple.

barbara woods said...

cute! love it

Julierose said...

this is really cute--i like looks like a quilt, ya know? I am getting so tired of fancy, difficult quilts that are popping up all over--maybe I just need to do a nice little dresden...i just don't know...hugs, Julierose