Sunday, August 28, 2016

tree for two and two for tree

when I came home Friday night I almost drove by my house
the front tree was down.........
and the rhododendrun was down too
just a stump like this left in the front garden
(this pic is of tree in back) yeah camera trouble again

Dunkin was wondering what on Earth the noise was from
then he retreated to the back of the couch where he feels safe
poor baby

anyway, this huge Japanese red maple in front
is the one that came down
It was a beautiful tree but
the roots were starting to life the concrete pad and the driveway
so it had to go
I am hoping that there will not be any stray branches sprouting
on the bottom next year

see the red maple in the center?  that was a baby off the
big tree and that one is getting big too
and the rhododendrum here was pretty and full
but the winter before last really did a number on it 
it was an old tree so it didnt recouperate

the wood got hauled off by the guy who cut it
he did such a great job hubs paid him and tipped him too

another view of the rhody that is no longer
it was shading most of the screen room

and this was the red maple in front
see those large branches?  they used to hit the house
during windy storms
and scare the beejeebers out of me

not a small tree by any means
but he made it seem like childs play
he got the top branches first
then cut them further down
hauled off the wood
and cleaned up the shavings
great job!

I am hoping this car can stay clean now
without bird poo on it all the time
and the gypsy moths will have to also find another home

looks funny in front and the impatiens are not liking the full sun
will have to see what I can do with that corner now
Ii spent the rest of Friday trimming the other bushes in front
to make it look neater
getting there..........

2 comments: said...

I am envious....I could have used the wood. The electric company is going to come and cut down one of the trees in our yard, it interferes with their power that tree was here before their electric lines. Anyway they are going to leave the wood because we heat with a wood boiler.

Julierose said...

Boy that is a change--like when last year's storm cracked our lovely old apple tree right doen the middle. I still miss it! Looks empty--so i know what you mean... maybe some nice flowers that love sunshine would look great there....hugs, Julierose