Sunday, August 14, 2016

turkeys everywhere and other Fallish things

this guy reminded me that I have a few turkeys to finish

sorry its blurry but this is a pretty panel with a turkey 
all in his glory
I am thinking a pretty wall hanging for Thanksgiving time

and it comes with the Fall harvest too
gourds and squash

and this apron is due to be done too


the matching potholder I did last year

this is the pocket panel
so so Fall dont you think?

and this is the start of the turkeys for the runner

who doesnt love dresdans?

especially when done in pretty FALL  fabrics like this

inspiration for his hat that I put on mine
I like the shoes too but I left the orange feet

I need to find this pattern
I found the tons of fur and can make probably two of them
and know some little kiddos that would love them
they are tv floor pillows
the middle body part holds a bed pillow
the head and feet are all stuffed like a stuffed animal
made these in the *90's for the nieces
one had a bear
one a bunny
one a dog
and one a cat
just a little change of the ears was all that was needed
to make them different

came across this the other day too
wouldnt this be a nice little gift for a birdlover?
heck I would like one LOL

and these are coming out
to decorate for the Fall

and the pumpkin my mom made so many years ago
I think this is the only one that survived 
over the years

yes they are still looking for me
soon my deer soon.........ha ha

how cute is this for a little giftie?  fold in half and stitch felt
triangles in
done and dinosaur cute!

and brother may need one of these
this Christmas for his hunting cabin in Maine
gotta find some bullet shells LOL

and these I need to draw out
and try and make
for grandsons
wouldnt any hockey lover love them?

gotta ask brother to cut me more of these to do

and this is a cute little angel ornament of pasta

leaves say Fall too

and this is the last picture before the computer died
picture a pilgrim hat on him and a beak
and that is my runner

wish I could find a pattern for these
so so cute and warm and Fallish
for a quick gift too

I have tons of buttons too!

and I would LOVE to paint this scene
on a slate for outside my home
it is SO me
the farm, the birds
the winter serenity
love it!

what have you been inspired by?


barbara woods said...

every thing in blog land inspires me but mostly quilts. I do need to make grand daughter a turkey runner before Thanks giving said...

There are so many cool things. It is hard to decide what to make.

Julierose said...

My turkey-to-be is still somewhere scattered among the WIPS!! I had begun cutting the blades--oops I mean feathers 2 years ago ;000
yikes--have to find her parts...gobble gobble hugs, Julierose