Friday, August 12, 2016

what kinds of gifts do you like to receive

As I think of preparing for the upcoming holidays
I was thinking what kind of gifts make the cut
this cute little mugrug would make me happy with my
morning coffee as I look out at the snow flying'

or even this one
I love my mug rugs and hubs is getting into them too
he always asks for one when he is near the computer

does a nice warm scarf fit the bill?
it is hard to know what color unless you 
know the recipients coat color or taste

fun pillowcases are always fun
I think the kiddos like the novelty printed ones
and with the burrito method of making them
they are sturdy and last a long time as they are made better
than the ones you can buy

some people like food gifts or consumables
this caramel apple jam was a hit the year I made it
the neighbor had her tree cut down so no more free

I love these knitted dishcloths
they work great
I need to knit myself up a bunch of them

are you a cookie monster?  maybe that is what 
you like getting as a little gift
but then some are diabetic
some are watching gluten
some are watching weight

do you like getting a pretty wreath?
I love making these
you can personalize it with the decorations
and ribbon

or do you like a new toy? Dunkin literally dragged 
these around and slept with them
just in case we wanted to play
it was so darned cute

or does a new set of jammies fit the bill?
I usually got the grands new jammies
for Christmas eve
they would open them and get into them for the ride home
they were happy they opened a gift
parents were happy they are ready for bed
win win LOL

or are you a basket kind of person?

tell me what kinds of gifts you make/give 
or love receiving

I am trying to do a mostly homemade Christmas
and I dont have time of course to make everyone 
a quilt


Julierose said...

Great gift ideas...thanks for sharing your thoughts...and you are right, Christmas (gaspers!!) is right around the corner...for us hand sewers...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

i am making quilts this year. said...

I like making pillowcases for the kids, and then they all get a book too. I don't get gifts for my children or many others anymore with the load of grand kids.

Chiska said...

I think bags are fun. My kids have been after me to make those drawstring backpacks. I've also decided that small wall quilts and hotpads are a good idea. A little practical a little fun--and much quicker than a full quilt.