Friday, September 30, 2016

is Jenny my friend?

I had bought this one time when Jenny 
twisted my arm
she DID I swear!
anyway I had 
 /2 1/2  inch squares of the line
and some other Christmas fabric
so what to do?
well remember Mr Turkey?
yeah, MY BRIGHT IDEA was
to make the front turkey
and the back for Christmas
so I had started to sew these together
(don't laugh! I hear you snickering!)
keep it up and your coffee will come out
your nose........just sayin
anywho, I came across the squares 
partially sewn
so I sewed the center of that pattern
I will make this into a seperate runner
but I am liking it so far
holly jolly and the mistletoe line
playing nice together in the middle
(no picture yet)

but what do you think of something similar
to this guy on the ends?
even if just his face I think would be cute

Thursday, September 29, 2016

they multiply in my sewing room

now there are FOUR
yep I made TWO this morning.
(cats got me up at 2 what can I say?)
I made pumpkin number 2 and the ghost
I had to piece together some white 5 inch 
squares to make the ghost. not much white 
in my stash
the pumpkin background is a light purple  

found some lips printed on fabric and gave this
girlie ghost some class
after all red lips for Fall is "in" LOL

and some backs were pieced to have enough
the batting was pieced too
use it up 

look at that grin.
and Jackie that black batik is getting a workout! 
what have you been up to?
I NEED to STOP but they are so addictive
no pattern just flying by the seat of my pants
and having fun
I am thinking a couple more Franks need to be done
maybe one with some black stitches on his head

If I can make 8-10 of these I will be a happy gal.
I am halfway there, right?

gobble gobble

he is further along than in this pic

he has his borders on (no pic  this is the pattern pic)
so need back and batt and get er quilted up

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

has anyone seen these?

another blogger said she found
a sewing machine nightgown at Target

how cool is that?
Santa? can I get one?

OK Dunks Mommy wants THIS for Christmas

and then there were two

I found some orange and fiddled with this one
I didnt like the corners to make him round
but oh well. he will do
I added the bottom piece to make him larger
I am winging these and trying to get a size 
in the mug rug range
his eyes were a part of a print

and Jackie.......remember this batik you hated?????
yeah bet ya wished you kept it huh?

so now I have TWO little mugrugs...........

waiting to surprise someone in the mail.....
should I do a ghost next?  hmmm
do I even have any white fabric??

dont you love ideas

this  guy is too too cute
look at those ric rac legs
how cute is that/

AND I know a few grinches that
this ornament would be 
just sayin

and Babs this one is still calling me
make the voices go away LOL

better get cleaning some more and get those
voices outta my head

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

do you know him?

I know I know 
I am supposed to be working on the bear
I DID sew up the head.....
but I had green fabric and black fabric
RIGHT near me............
and I had to check it out
doe he look like Frank?

or a little like Grinch? lol

this was the plan
as a little Halloween surprise in the mail

now off to find some orange LOL

dont judge!

how time changes things

funny when you look back at pictures
you can see changes
like this early picture showing the purple
and no white

not a spec of it at all

and now this is the beautiful show.

that is kind of how it is with my UFOs too

I look back and go WOW
when was THAT? LOL

I better get the pedal to the metal and get sewing huh?

Monday, September 26, 2016

October to do

I forgot I had made these
I think I should just throw all my blocks and starts
in a huge rubbermaid tote and then 
make a kitchen sink quilt LOL
seems every corner I pull out to go through I 
find other things I forgot about
this was a test for a girl quilt to see if I 
could use up some pink and purple stash
and charms

I need to finish up a couple more mats for the cats
maybe Dunks and Pheebes would like pink and purple?

finish up some zippy bags that I had started

find backing and finish up at least one of these turkeys

find a border for this colorful lap quilt
it will keep someone nice and toasty this winter

make myself a stack more of these so I can 
throw out the very used ones

find the book with hockey Santa to finish up the black ones
the rest are done and in the Christmas box already

get back to this beauty and get THREE
of them done
yes I said THREE
I have 3 brothers
and my Dads will be bears
they will go well up at the cabin in Maine
where they hunt

here is one of my brothers. see?
 huntin, fishin and lovin every day

the turkey is calling me
I have to get him done.

and this guy has some hand work and some sewing 
and stuffing to be done
then shopping for a new bedpillow for
his tummy

this guy keeps taunting me
saying make me,............make me....
you know I am adorable
and three is not too many 
and  I would use some buttons

I " hear voices"

Halloween just may need a couple of these done
maybe to say Happy Halloween to my nieces?
we will see

and the candy cane binding on this needs to be done
a big list? yes
a lot to do? yes
can I do it?
time will tell.,............
what are YOUR plans for the coming months

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sept so far was productive

I sewed up some scrappy strips and put them into a 
container to play with later

I quilted up some for zippy bags

I made and gave away some baby hats
to keep someone s little head nice and warm

I found some UFOs and put them to the top
of the pile to finish

I sewed up some charm squares to use them up
ever buy something and later go why did
I get this?  c; KNOW you have
me too!

I semi organized the stash at least 
er hm........SOME of it
what I can see I can use right? lol

I "gasp" threw away some things
under this trash was some patterns
and larger pieces
I hid them with the cuttings so I 
wouldnt go trash picking! whatever works, right?

I got one turkey runner further along ready
for back and quilting

I made myself some dishcloths

I started a Christmas gift that is almost done
for my great nephew
it is a tv pillow and I had made his Mom one
many years ago
she dragged it everywhere and I am hoping he will 
do the same

I took some cut pieces of dresdan and made a table runner
it just needs the binding

and Dunkin and I made a jelly roll race quilt top
guess I better get my Oct list ready as I have wandered a little from 
the plan LOL

but it feels good to have accomplished so much.
I hadnt thought I did

this week at the sewyouquilt ranch.....

I plan to move this to the complete stage

I may even find some Halloween colors to make these

and I will try and get the binding on this guy
that will make me feel like something got done