Friday, September 2, 2016

Christmas for me

I wish I could find these blocks
I love love them
this was a challenge between me and a friend
a (cough cough) few years ago
we were to each come up with 6 blocks that we would
both make with our own Christmas fabric
and then with the twelve blocks make ourselves a Christmas quilt
this was a block I found somewhere. I love love love it
but am not sure the name or where I found it

this is another one we did

this one was just geese with different coloring to make the design

and then this one

and this one was a bear to make but I like it too
I am not even sure how many of the blocks I made
because I need to put it together
it used some tone on tone white backgrounds which will be hard to find too
I may just border them like a log cabin to make them bigger
maybe then I can get by with 6 of them instead of 12
we will see


Vroomans' Quilts said...

It looks familar, but the source doesn't pop in my head - Quilter's Cache?? You could check her site for more blocks to make. said...

pretty blocks I agree you need to find those and finish up that quilt it will be very pretty.