Thursday, September 8, 2016

Christmas gifting

I have been working on something similar to this
for my great nephew who is now officially in kindergarten I am making a bear floor pillow
it is similar in look to this one
let me tell you I forgot how much fun working with fur is (not!)  I have fur EVERYWHERE
and Dunkin thinks the pile of fur leftover is a great bed. he was sleeping on it while I was sewing-
my pattern is an old pattern. as a matter of fact I made his momma one 20 years ago!  it uses a
regular pillow in the belly portion and the legs and head and tail are all stuffed and attached.
I used to spend many a day "fixing up extra loved bears" from the 4 nieces. LOL  "Auntie his ear fell off, Auntie he lost an eye etc."
my nieces uses to drag theirs around the house and plop on it to watch tv so I am hoping this one is much loved as well

then my chore will be to get a bed pillow and find a HUGE box to put him in for Christmas. doesnt every kid love a HUGE gift?
when I made them 20 years ago, by changing out the tail and ears I got a bunny, bear, cat and dog.
Are you working on Christmas yet?
so far this guy has his tail and ears done and I am doing the body next. kinda shaped like an H and then the top part is in two and overlap for the pillow opening. then the rest just gets attached. I love working on the face to give him personality.

2 comments: said...

You could make a monkey too! Christmas? I can't think that far ahead right now.

Julierose said...

Oh this is so darn cute!! I'll bet my girls (Willa and Fi) would love a doggie one...i may steal your idea--I like the pillow for the main part and adding the rest idea. you are so creative!! Hugs, Julierose