Thursday, September 1, 2016

crumbs anyone

no not cookie crumbs
but crumb quilting
I decided to lay out some blocks and see how many I had
this is using just bits and pieces  and sewing them together
I am in BIG trouble as they made NO DENT AT ALL 
in the scrap pile 

this will make a nice useable lap quilt to watch tv with
or to layer on the toesies at the bottom of the bed
my feet never get warm enough in the winter LOL

and this little baby has to go in the shop for a tune up
then hopefully she will be purring like a kitten again

found this and am not sure why I bought it
just because I liked it
that is a bad habit for sure and one which I must break
maybe it will make some FALL RUNNERS
or potholders
we will see

and as I stack and go thru things
I find this guy
he found a comfy place to rest

see? on top of a nice soft folded quilt
he has to be attached to my hip no matter what I do

are you making things with crumbs? would love to see them

1 comment:

scarlett said...

Hi, I too am using up bits and pieces to make crumb blocks. When I put them together I want them to look great. I noticed on Jo' country junction blog, her crumb quilt was the best that I have seen. She set them alternating with light blocks. Went from just crumb blocks to an outstanding quilt that I want to make. Check out all her crumb quilts, I think she has several.