Sunday, September 4, 2016

getting things done but not in the right order

was itching today with poison oak
yeah I have it on my neck and arms just because
I think I am starting to love problems and issues

anywho to get my  mind off the itch I went into the sewing room
did I work on my turkey? um no
did I work on the deer quilt?  no again

instead I grabbed these 9 patch blocks and sewed 30 of them together
Dunkin was there to help me each step of the way
pulling at the fabric and letting me know there
were thread tails and strings to take off

couldn't find a back or border idea so found some tea towels

on the beige one I appliqued some holly and berries 
at least I can use it as part of someones Christmas gift

I also took the red dresdan fans and sewed them one up one down 
to make a Christmas runner
and bordered it in a Christmas red print
another one ready to back and quilt up

now to get back to the turkey and how to use that camera 
on the phone again.......

1 comment: said...

LOL Love that you are ADD at times when it comes to projects. Makes me feel not quite so bad.