Friday, September 30, 2016

is Jenny my friend?

I had bought this one time when Jenny 
twisted my arm
she DID I swear!
anyway I had 
 /2 1/2  inch squares of the line
and some other Christmas fabric
so what to do?
well remember Mr Turkey?
yeah, MY BRIGHT IDEA was
to make the front turkey
and the back for Christmas
so I had started to sew these together
(don't laugh! I hear you snickering!)
keep it up and your coffee will come out
your nose........just sayin
anywho, I came across the squares 
partially sewn
so I sewed the center of that pattern
I will make this into a seperate runner
but I am liking it so far
holly jolly and the mistletoe line
playing nice together in the middle
(no picture yet)

but what do you think of something similar
to this guy on the ends?
even if just his face I think would be cute


Julierose said...

I agree--the two faces would be so cute and most likely not too hard to do...Jenny's always enabling for sure lol hugs, Julierose said...

That would be so cute with the reindeer on the reverse side.

barbara woods said...

love it! It's very cute but i like the other one better