Monday, September 12, 2016

lady in red

I know you are saying to yourself she is color blind
that is certainly NOT red LOL

Again the camera is giving me issues so you will have
to use your imagination

see this runner?  well I made mine all in Christmas reds
every blade is a red print
and my border is a red Christmas border with words on it
like Merry Christmas etc.

do you have a vision of it yet?
ok, good

I quilted my blades 1/4 inches from the edges  and I did a wavy line in the borders
I was on the last border and guess what?
ran out of a bobbin

isnt that always the way?
over the weekend I made some kielbasa and cabbage and a shepards pie
for some dinners ahead
that will make it easier at the end of a workday to play in my room
another  gift ALMOST done..........
hubs likes it a lot and he usually doesnt comment
so it may be a gift for ME

what are YOU making?

3 comments: said...

If I tell you I can see it in my minds eye are you going to call the men in the little white suits on me? It does sound lovely though.

barbara woods said...

i bet nit's beautiful , you know i love Christmas fabrics

Julierose said...

Oooh sounds perfect for a Holiday runner under all those baked goodies!! (LOL) {Notice how I always link everything to food and eating hahaha). Hugs, Julierose