Monday, September 26, 2016

October to do

I forgot I had made these
I think I should just throw all my blocks and starts
in a huge rubbermaid tote and then 
make a kitchen sink quilt LOL
seems every corner I pull out to go through I 
find other things I forgot about
this was a test for a girl quilt to see if I 
could use up some pink and purple stash
and charms

I need to finish up a couple more mats for the cats
maybe Dunks and Pheebes would like pink and purple?

finish up some zippy bags that I had started

find backing and finish up at least one of these turkeys

find a border for this colorful lap quilt
it will keep someone nice and toasty this winter

make myself a stack more of these so I can 
throw out the very used ones

find the book with hockey Santa to finish up the black ones
the rest are done and in the Christmas box already

get back to this beauty and get THREE
of them done
yes I said THREE
I have 3 brothers
and my Dads will be bears
they will go well up at the cabin in Maine
where they hunt

here is one of my brothers. see?
 huntin, fishin and lovin every day

the turkey is calling me
I have to get him done.

and this guy has some hand work and some sewing 
and stuffing to be done
then shopping for a new bedpillow for
his tummy

this guy keeps taunting me
saying make me,............make me....
you know I am adorable
and three is not too many 
and  I would use some buttons

I " hear voices"

Halloween just may need a couple of these done
maybe to say Happy Halloween to my nieces?
we will see

and the candy cane binding on this needs to be done
a big list? yes
a lot to do? yes
can I do it?
time will tell.,............
what are YOUR plans for the coming months

1 comment:

barbara woods said...

lots ton do not enough time to do it!