Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sept so far was productive

I sewed up some scrappy strips and put them into a 
container to play with later

I quilted up some for zippy bags

I made and gave away some baby hats
to keep someone s little head nice and warm

I found some UFOs and put them to the top
of the pile to finish

I sewed up some charm squares to use them up
ever buy something and later go why did
I get this?  c; KNOW you have
me too!

I semi organized the stash at least 
er hm........SOME of it
what I can see I can use right? lol

I "gasp" threw away some things
under this trash was some patterns
and larger pieces
I hid them with the cuttings so I 
wouldnt go trash picking! whatever works, right?

I got one turkey runner further along ready
for back and quilting

I made myself some dishcloths

I started a Christmas gift that is almost done
for my great nephew
it is a tv pillow and I had made his Mom one
many years ago
she dragged it everywhere and I am hoping he will 
do the same

I took some cut pieces of dresdan and made a table runner
it just needs the binding

and Dunkin and I made a jelly roll race quilt top
guess I better get my Oct list ready as I have wandered a little from 
the plan LOL

but it feels good to have accomplished so much.
I hadnt thought I did


Charlene S said...

Great finishEscape and advances! said...

Glad you got some things accomplished. Go Dawn!!!!! I am one of your biggest cheerleaders!

barbara woods said...

lots of things to finish, maybe your table topper will be ready for Thanksgiving