Thursday, September 29, 2016

they multiply in my sewing room

now there are FOUR
yep I made TWO this morning.
(cats got me up at 2 what can I say?)
I made pumpkin number 2 and the ghost
I had to piece together some white 5 inch 
squares to make the ghost. not much white 
in my stash
the pumpkin background is a light purple  

found some lips printed on fabric and gave this
girlie ghost some class
after all red lips for Fall is "in" LOL

and some backs were pieced to have enough
the batting was pieced too
use it up 

look at that grin.
and Jackie that black batik is getting a workout! 
what have you been up to?
I NEED to STOP but they are so addictive
no pattern just flying by the seat of my pants
and having fun
I am thinking a couple more Franks need to be done
maybe one with some black stitches on his head

If I can make 8-10 of these I will be a happy gal.
I am halfway there, right?


Julierose said...

You are definitely in the Halloween Mood! I like the way you fly solo--neat work hugs, Juierose said...

Those are very cute. I like your binding fabric.