Tuesday, September 6, 2016

why do I keep looking instead of doing

I just love these little mug rugs
they have silhouettes of winter fun

I got the cats some new treats.
they are soft treats and they literally BEG 
to have them

and keep looking for them long after they are gone
they dont want to miss one little morsel

I packed some of these for the yard sale
do you think I should just sell them as is
or should I put them in grab bags
is that too old fashioned to todays kiddos?
I know for .25 I used to love to see 
what did I get with them

packing things up as I find them
to sell

making lasagna later
also putting up some shades
no shades in this place so we got 6 of them
for the living room and dining room windows
I put up 4 yesterday
and hopefully the last 2 today

who dat?  yeah this is me BEFORE poison oak
I guess I was trying to do a selfie LOL
what a face huh?
are  you getting ready for Hermine where you are?
I will put things away that can blow away
and then do inside things later on


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Boxing stuff to get rid of is tough! I am right there with you. 2-3 trips upstairs with boxes then I take a break. I am a slacker.

Julierose said...

Oh I do the same thing!! i look and look and then seem to get sort of (not sort of, but really ;(((() paralyzed--too many choices--kinda like when I go to a store without a list--forget it!! I get so distracted it is unbelievable--I cannot even recall why I went in there. (I is old ;((() Anyhoo, I was supposed to pin bast Greg's quilt today and--nope--just not in the cards...Watched videos about art journaling..wacky wendy here...I
need to just do a bit each day--that seems to work for me on O N E thing at a time...ye olde brain can only take that in...hugs, Julierose