Saturday, October 15, 2016

are you making some gifts?

I am trying to make THREE of these
for Christmas gifts for my brothers
yeah I am nuts like that
 they just built a hunting cabin in Maine
on 42 acres they bought
so I thought these little lap quilts would be cute 
and warm 
one is to this point so if I can get the others to this point
I think the rest would be easy 
(that is what I am telling myself anyway LOL)

and a couple table toppers are in the works for some
easy fast gifts for neighbors and such

maybe I will finish up a few more zippy bags. 
they can hold fun surprises too
for a quick little gift

some dishcloths have been flying off the needles
I needed to replenish my stash
and I made a few extra too

pillowcases are a fun gift.
I want to find some cute Christmas prints 
in my stash for the grandkids.
after all how can you dream of sugarplums
on a regular pillowcase????

this was a dollar store easy project that I may do again
fun to pass it around with some goodies and see
how far it goes

I get a lot of help around here as always LOL

I really want to make some of these
and fill with some tea
and maybe gift with some local honey
cute little gift to say I am thinking of you
or get well
or Happy Holidays too!

um Mom, .......did you forget me????

uh Dunks. I cant TELL you what I am doing
for you and the Pheebes
it is a SURPRISE..........silly cat!

and remember these?  yeah.
when I actually came back to reality
I realized there is NO WAY I can make a pattern and do them up
and they are personalized so I am happy
the good part? I already have them
so now can FILL them
where theres a will theres a way right?

when my computer crashed I lost this pattern
I know
how adorable are these?
I need to try and find them again but unfortunately 
I dont have the time right now
maybe in Jan

one batch of Maine blackberry jam has been made
I need to make caramel apple jam
and at least pineapple jam
and try and find a good SF one for the hubs

even some hotpads and potholders may be made

what kinds of gifts are YOU making?
I love to hear peoples ideas.
my friend Jacky, yeah YOU know Jacky right?
well she is making some of those cool 
microwave bowl potholders out of cute fabrics

you know the kind you put into the micro with your
bowl of food but it keep s your hands cool
as you remove the hot dish

I may need to make one of these for brothers cabin
they  probably can find quite a few of these spent
shells from all the "misses" LOL

and brother needs to get me more birch discs to wood burn

this runner should make TWO of them
so gotta find it and get er done

a cute little dinosaur loving gift 
take felt triangles and sew into 
a seam down the center of a sweatshirt
I KNOW  how cute is that????

Jackie made me this last year and I cant wait to put 
it  out

some stockings will need to be made
I think the new puppies in the family
need a bone shaped one
how cute would that be out of my
low volume scraps?

and some crafting with this gal is in order
my  oldest niece last year here with me making gifts
she made the coolest things like the button scarf below
and some pillowcases
arm knitted scarves for her girlfriends
fun fun
this weekend we are carving our pumpkins
she is a sweetie and a fun gal who 
shares a love of sewing

see? adorable!  if memory serves me right
she took like 9 inches of a plaid by the width of the fabric
and the same for the back
sewed them together
draped it on herself and pinned placement
of buttons and button holes
they were so so cute!
but........tapping foot here............
I never got one!!!!
Alicia you reading this???? 

also here is a fun link if you want to start your shopping early

I have used them and the gifts are gorgeous!
the sale ends soon so get those 
pictures on your computer and order fast
no I dont get any commission for this
just know my niece LOVED her photo blanket
and the many mugs and ornaments and puzzles
were appreciated too and very special


Julierose said...

You have a L o n g list there. I love my little potholder and have it atop my micro for daily use--(I think of you each time I don't burn my hand lol) Good luck on your journey--will keep my eyes open for those cute kitties...are they pincushions orjust cute little stuffy things? hugs for a great weekend Julierose P.S. those cabin quilts will be gorgeous...

barbara woods said...

lots of good ideas, i may use some of them