Monday, October 24, 2016

bear in mind

back to the bears.......

not sure I like this
too busy and too many more to make

tried the idea of blocks
with the right colors may work
but again lots of work to make them all
and make them fit

found a cream color fabric
too light but goes with the birch border well

maybe if it is a second border?
the  not so much.

this green wolf fabric may work..........
does it need a darker small border?
like brown or black to frame the inside?
so far I like this one the best
hey Dunks, do you know you are sitting on a 
bears head???? LOL

maybe I should shop the stash and make a coin border?

or half square triangle border?
may be too busy

or even a border with a big block?
still contemplating bear paws blocks

those little circles may work
but I would have to make many more of them

or maybe some bear paw blocks? 
or even the paw border from this quilt along

what to do?  so many choices
I guess I need to make some of each
and see if it brings it to the size 
I want 
and if I like it 

this was SUPPOSED to be an EASY panel quilt!
so much for THAT theory!


Julierose said...

Finding the right border for panels can be very difficult I think; so far, I like the green wolves--(I also have that fabric for Connor's reverse side. ) Have fun choosing...hugs, Julierose said...

I like the green wolves. The bear paws is a great idea too though.